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When satan is a punk, God shows off!

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This transition time is no joke! We are processing through so many different emotions right now. I woke up this morning overwhelmed with emotions that I was struggling to name.  Mostly, I was feeling empty and like a failure. I know that satan is using this time to try to steal my purpose and passion and also to tell me lies.  That’s who he is… he is a liar and a thief whose only purpose is to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).  He is such a punk!

Often, when I am empty, I allow satan to put blinders on me to show me all of the ways that I have failed, all of the times that I did not love well, all of the times that I allowed those rough, dark places in my heart to spill out from my mouth (Matthew 15:18).  Even though, I know better because…


God is much more powerful than satan.  He is the strength when I am weak (2 Corinthians 12:10), He saved me and delights in me (Psalm 18:19), and He wants to fill me with joy (Psalm 16:11).  The thing is… I have to remember these things!  I have to readjust those blinders so they focus SOLELY ON HIM!

Also…God knows when we need a little push, a little encouragement, and little pep talk to say…”Nope, those lies are not MY truth about you. Allow me to show you”…

and He does because He is God.

THIS is how God encouraged me this morning:

Hermanas en Cristo has been given an amazing opportunity to share our story and sell our jewelry at a group market to support the empowerment of women.  Rosa and I will be attending and staying at a hotel in the Capital tomorrow night. This morning, I went to Rosa’s house to discuss the details of the next few days.

Before I started talking, Rosa said, “I want to tell you something.  Last night, I was laying in bed thinking how you have been an angel and a blessing in my life. The first time that I went to the beach, I went with you.  The first time that I will be staying in a hotel will be with you.  I am going to the university because of you. Most importantly, I have learned so much more about the Bible because of you.  God has used you as a blessing in my life.”

I was speechless.  All I could say was “thank you”!

As we all know, that was not me. That was GOD using ME in HER life…and vice versa!

I say all of this, not to show off, but, hopefully, to show how God can use us in such small ways that we may not see it ourselves.  You may be hearing lies in your own life that are telling you that you are just doing it all wrong.

But God knows better!!!

He created all of us with a purpose!  HIS PURPOSE!

If you are believing that punk satan and struggling to believe God’s truth about you, ask Him to show you!

He will…


He is so good like that!


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A joyful noise

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.”  Psalm 98:4


My neighbor and best friend here, Alexandria, asked me to go to a women’s event at the school with her.  This event would consist of women of the church sleeping at the school and praying all night.  When she told me what it was, I said that I might or might not go…


a) women’s events scare the begeebies out of me

b) women’s events in another language send me into a panic attack

c) I didn’t think that I could pray all night long (think ADD)

d) they were sleeping on the floor…which is concrete!

I had made up MY mind that I would not be going.  All week long, though, I kept feeling a pull at my heart to go.  Then I would give all of my reasons why I would not be going.  However, the pull just kept pulling.  GOD didn’t care that I had made up MY mind…He wanted me there!

I went back to Alexandria and said “Can I bring a mattress?”  She said that would be no problem that other women may bring one as well.

Without even telling Mo, I agreed to join.

I am really glad that I did because…

The women weren’t scary at all…IMG_7776

Many of them were my neighbors…IMG_7778

They were funny and kind and welcoming…

IMG_7777Some of them even brought their babies…

IMG_7781Some of them snored…IMG_7779

All of them had smiles on their faces…IMG_7780

All but about 3 of us were sleeping on a concrete floor with nothing more than a blanket and a pillow.  (I shared my twin mattress with Alexandria.)  I never heard anyone complain about it.  They were all so glad to be together to thank God for all that He has done for us.

As they started praying, I did also.  I prayed that God would fill that room, bridge the language gap, fill our hearts, hear our words, and help me to stay focused.  Yes, I really did pray the last part of the prayer…over and over…each time that my mind start drifting.

I wanted needed so badly to stay in that moment.  I wanted needed to feel God’s presence.

As the night wore on, the praying got louder and more intense.  They continued, also, to beckon God into our little room.  As some women were praying, others began singing…no one singing the same song.  As the intensity of the prayers grew, so did the volume level.  It felt as if everyone were in their own little world with God, yet we were all joined together as well.  They prayed for each one of us, for our families, for our health, for our church, for the school, and for our community.  They thanked God for His love and faithfulness.  They truly love one another and their community, but, most importantly, they truly love God!

I was able to stay engaged and presence.  God was in that room that night.  There was a warmth, security, and safety that was undeniable.  My friends were teaching me yet ANOTHER lesson.  Although there were many words that I could not understand, I completely understood the language of their hearts…

Remain faithful in prayer and do not forget to make a joyful noise!