Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

About Us

We are the Ludlams.  Maurice “Mo” is a military brat whose family eventually settled in FL.  Tamara was born and raised in Middle Tennessee.  We have two daughters, Lauren  and Lexie.

Prior to coming on the mission field, Mo owned a construction company, and Tamara was a former elementary teacher turned real estate agent.  We were living the “American dream” until God started nudging Mo toward the mission field in 2010.  It took 3 years for God to convince change the hearts of the rest of us.  Now, the “American Dream” means something totally different for our family!

In 2013, we moved to a small village about 1.5 hours outside of Santo Domingo called La Represa.  Our church had been working with this area for about 8 years prior to us moving here.  They helped the community build a church, a school, and a water purification system.

Our day-to-day life rarely looks the same.  Often, we just do what God puts in our path.  We work with our church to host mission teams 6 times a year, host mission interns, teach English, hold bible studies, and have a surf ministry.  Lauren and Lexie have a project in which they work with the pets in the community to nurse them back to health, vaccinate them, and have them spayed/neutered.  Mostly, we just do life with our community, and pitch in where needed/when needed.

Our hope is that non-believers (and believers) can see God’s love through us and our lives.  We hope to teach the young men in the surf ministry how to be Godly, honest men of integrity so that they can grow up to be Godly, honest husband and fathers.  We hope to allows follow what God’s plan is for us here on the mission field.

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