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Meet Albania


I am always reluctant to tell other people’s story.  We can never fully feel the emotions of another person and what helped mold them into the people they are today.  I am going to attempt to do that in this post.

IMG_6134This is Albania.  She is 22 years old, is married, and has two small children.  Albania moved into our little neighborhood less than a year ago.  Her husband and her built a little house from materials that they could afford or that were donated.  The floor to their house has been dirt.  When it rains really hard, their house floods, and the floor is then mud.

I invited Albania to join Hermanas en Cristo last year but she didn’t seem very interested then.  I told her to come whenever she wanted.  About 6 months ago, she came up to me and asked when we had our weekly bible study.  I told her, and she said that she wanted to join.  She began attending weekly, and everyone was so welcoming and encouraging to her.  At that point, she was not a Christian but said that she was enjoying learning about the Bible.

A few months ago, her daughter got sick.  From the best that I could understand, she would get fevers and terrors only at night.  She was fine during the daytime, but, at night, none of them were getting any sleep because of her fevers and terrors.  Some of the ladies in the group and in the community went to her house one afternoon to talk with her and pray over her house and her family.  They talked to her about God and salvation again. She accepted Christ into her heart that night.

From that night on, her daughter has been fine.  No night fevers or terrors!  Everyone is getting a full night’s sleep now.

After that, we have all encouraged her in her walk with Christ and let her know that we are all here for any questions that she may have.

One day, Rosa and I were cleaning up after a HEC workday.  I asked her how she felt Albania was doing.  I explained to Rosa that, when I first accepted Christ, it was during VBS.  Some of the reasons that I accepted Christ were out of fear and also just the overwhelming emotions that happen during VBS.  I explained that I hadn’t understand the true meaning and rededicated my life to a TRUE relationship with Christ in 2009.  I asked if she felt that Albania truly understood salvation and a true relationship with Christ.  And, if not, what could we do to help her grow in her walk?

Rosa said, “Yes, I do believe that she understands.  Today, when we were working, she prayed over her necklace after she finished it.  She didn’t realize that I was watching but I heard her say ‘God, my family really needs money right now.  Please help my necklace to sell. Thank you for loving me.’

Short, sweet, and profound!

Rosa and I went to her house that day to just sit and talk to her.  I wanted to hear about her life.  As we spoke, she explained that she did not come from a Christian household and had never had Christians in her life.  She explained that, in Hermanas en Cristo and the ladies in the community, she was learning about God and his love for us.  She told us that she felt God in her heart now, and that she was reading her Bible daily now.  She also explained that she didn’t always understand everything that she read, and the HEC bible studies put it in a way that she could understand.  She also told us how she wants to learn more.

Although her necklace has not sold, she did recently get a concrete floor.  Mo and I went over to see it, congratulate her, and swoon over it.  She was so thankful and continued to give all of the glory to God!

Our first real bible study with HEC was Experiencing God.  We originally did this study with 8 women, who then went on to break into 4 groups and teach this to a total of 32 more women.  It has been a study that we have used to encourage a true relationship with Christ.

Rosa will now be holding this study with a new group of 8 women.  Albania will be one of these women.

Please pray that God continues to support and fill Rosa with the knowledge that she needs as she helps to grow the new believers in our group.

Please pray for Albania as her love and relationship with Christ continues to blossom into something so beautiful and life changing!

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