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Brave little Esther



Man, sometimes during Hermanas en Cristo, the Word just comes so alive that I cannot contain myself.  The ladies laugh at me because I just get so excited!

We are studying the book of Esther right now.  Let me give a little history on her.  She was born a Jewish exile named Haddasseh.  When her parents died, her uncle, Mordecai, adopted and raised her.  Esther was known to have great beauty, poise, and incredible character.  Because of these traits, she won the favor of King Xerxes and became the queen of Persia. As we will read more into the story, we will learn that God had a incredible plan for her life.

In chapter 4, Mordecai said to her,

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish.  And who knows but that you have come to royal position FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS?”

No pressure, right? She would save her Jewish people.  And…get this…SHE IS ONLY ABOUT 14 YEARS OLD!

Yesterday, we were in chapter 5.  In this chapter, she is now about to step up to fulfill God’s plan. The chapter begins by saying that she has put on her royal robe and is standing in front of the inner court of the palace.  She is about to go in to talk to her husband, the king, and she was not summoned!  To approach the king without summons is against the law, punishable by death.  YET…

Here is this 14 year old girl standing gallantly in front of the king’s court to approach the king on her own accord, knowing that it could get her killed!  Let that sink in…

It doesn’t say how she is feeling.  However, we were discussing how we would feel and the fear that we would have.  Yet, the way it is stated, it appears that she is standing there with full confidence.

At that point, I asked the ladies to look back at the end of chapter 4. Before she made the decision to go, a few things happened:

  1. She gathered some of her closest girlfriends to discuss the situation at hand
  2. They all decided to fast and pray for 3 days prior to her approaching the king.
  3. Then, she spent those days in silence and praying!

I asked the ladies a few questions:

*How many of you, when you are having a problem or need guidance, go straight to all of your friends and talk and talk and talk about it? Almost all hands went up

*How many of you get stressed and worried, and often lose sleep over it? Almost all hands went up

*How many of you stop and pray first before doing those other two?  Very few of our hands went up.

This opened the door for us to see WHY this young girl of 14 years of age was so confident and strong as she approached the king. She was fearLESS because she had sat, prayed, and heard God’s voice.  She knew what He wanted her to do and knew that He would protect and guide her!  She knew that, in those 3 days prior, that He had prepared the path for His will!

That really helped ALL of us to remember…

In times of distress, or when God is asking you to do that REALLY BIG THING, stop…pray…and listen!  When we are talking and talking and talking (and, oh my word…I love to talk), we cannot hear His voice!  If we cannot hear His voice, we cannot know what His plan is. Sidenote: our closest girlfriends can be amazing prayer warriors and voices of reason for us also.  Get ya some of those girls!  They will fast and pray with you!

That’s good stuff right there!!!




2 thoughts on “Brave little Esther

  1. Love love love this! You are one of those girlfriends for me and I considered myself EXTREMELY blessed to have you!

    Regina Jones 🙂


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