Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Dogs of the DR


Written by Lexie Ludlam

Photos by Lauren Ludlam

Lauren and I have been dog lovers our whole lives. When we first visited the DR, our hearts melted for all the strays. We felt God tugging on our hearts to give a voice to the voiceless.



When we first started our ministry, it was small. We fostered lots of puppies, but we didn’t really work with the big dogs. While walking around giving food to dogs, we met Mama Bear.


Mama Bear

Mama Bear was a sweet, homeless dog that lived in La Represa. Every time she went into heat, she got pregnant. She didn’t have the nutrition or proper care to keep these puppies alive, so many of them died. Mama Bear was sick. We feared if she had another litter that she wouldn’t make it. She is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met. When we called her name, she would come running over to us whimpering for love. We knew we had to do something.


Her baby bears

Mama Bear and her puppy, Jerry, were in the first picture for our Instagram account @dogsofthedr. Her story inspired us to start helping older dogs. We would go around the community giving dog food and parasite medicine to strays.


Little Jerry

Then one day, we got a donation to fix Mama Bear and two other dogs. We were overjoyed! We couldn’t be more thankful! So we loaded Mama Bear and two other mama dogs into our car and got them fixed. This was a big breakthrough for us! We wanted to fix the female dogs in the community for so long. The dog population is overwhelming, and many of them are strays who end up dying. 12764419_979567752130698_7861228490936112124_o.jpg

Now, our ministry is to foster dogs and to spay them. We want to reduce the dog population so that every pooch can have a forever home. To help raise money for this program, we designed Dogs of the DR t-shirts.



T-shirt design

T-shirts are $15.00 each (+ $5 for the first shirt for shipping and $2 for each additional shirt). They are printed on gray shirts and are fairly true to fit. If you would like to purchase one, you can send money by clicking on the donate button. When you go to donate, there will be a note section. In this note section, write your shirt size, address, and how many t-shirts you want. Thank you so much!

Also, we are still in search of a forever home for Mariposa (pictured below). The home that we originally thought would work didn’t because the people couldn’t take a dog at this time.  Mariposa is one of the most loving dogs that you will meet.  Her original owner was an elderly lady that had to move out of the community with a family member.  She was unable to take Mariposa with her.  At that point, Mariposa was homeless.  We have taken her in on a temporary basis but my dad says that we need to get rid of her.  We have 6 dogs already.

We really want her to have a forever family.  Would you like to adopt her?  If we are able to raise enough money, we can help with air travel if you live outside of the DR.









4 thoughts on “Dogs of the DR

  1. What a great mission! Thank you for doing this for the dogs of the DR! I have a couple of questions: are donations tax deductible? And how much does it cost for a single spay/neuter in the DR. We would like to help.

  2. Mariposa is such a great little dog! I would take her in a heartbeat if I didn’t live in a tiny apartment. I met her and that girl needs space. 🙂 I hope she finds her forever home soon! She really is awesome.

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