Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

In honor of (Inter)National Dog Day

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IMG_7860Many mornings each week, my daughters and I go with our dogs to the baseball field to get our daily PE/exercise done.  It is located right beside the public school.  Most mornings we get there before 7:00 and are finished before school begins.  This morning, we were dragging due to zero power last night (zero power= no fans= trying to sleep in pools of sweat= no sleep).  That being said, we didn’t get out until around 10:00.  It appears this is also the time that the public school has recess.  To say that we had an audience would be an understatement!IMG_7863

Many of these kids know us.  As we were making our loops around the baseball field, a kid or two would call our name.  They began asking us if our dog spoke English.  Our response was “Yes, we speak English to our dogs.”  However, each time we went around, one of the kids would say “Does your dog really speak English?”  We thought it was a funny and rather odd question.  We were also confused as to why they didn’t believe us and continued to ask.

After finishing exercising, I went inside the school fence to talk to a few teachers that teach some of the boys in the surf group and to meet the new Director (aka Principal).  As I finished that and was walking to leave the school, some of the kids called me into a classroom.  Once again, the kids said “Does your dog speak English?”  Again, I said “Yes, we speak English in our house so we speak English to our dogs”. Then one of the boys said, “Tamara, tell them that your fat sausage dog speaks English.”  Then, it dawned on me…Frank (our slightly overweight Dachshund) actually does talk…in English!  Apparently, word had gotten around the school that we have a talking dog…that talks in English!

In honor of (Inter)National Dog Day, I present to you “Frank the English speaking Dachshund”:

Also, Lauren and Lexie have a wonderful program here in which they care for the dogs of the community.  Their program:

*Teaches others proper care and diet for their dogs

*Offer dog food at a super reduced rate

*Deworm and vaccinate dogs

*Take dogs to the capital city to be spayed/neutered

*Periodic bathing of the dogs in the river

These girls would amaze you with how well they care for the dogs here.  The majority of the dogs are much healthier due to getting proper medicine and food.  Slowly, the pet population is being reduced.  We have so many happy pet owners now.  All of this costs money, which they try to raise by making crafts to sell at the La Represa Mercado.  If you are interested in helping with the costs of dog food, medicine, or helping to spay/neuter ($75 a dog), your donation would be much appreciated and is much needed.  Click on that “donate” button to the right —>

Thanks so much!  Happy (Inter)National Dog Day!!!

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