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About last night…


Bible study groupLast night, our first night for our bible study, went really well.  (I talked about it –>HERE)

One of the ladies decided that she didn’t want to join, and sent her workbook back with one of the other ladies in the group.  This is one that I REALLY wanted to come.  When her book was handed back to me, my heart sank, and I immediately felt discouraged.  The first thought that went through my mind was “Who do I think I am trying to hold a bible study for women in Spanish?  Who am I to invite women that don’t go to church?”

Luckily, I immediately felt God saying “Don’t believe that!  Those are lies that satan wants you to believe so that you will give up.”  I know that we were being prayed for because I could feel those prayers surrounding us.  One of my prayer requests was to block satan’s lies from our (my) ears, and THAT is exactly what happened.

About that extra book…I had a name of a lady that I felt God was pushing me to invite.  Of course, that is EXACTLY who He wanted to come.  The moment I told the ladies that I had an extra book, and we needed to pray to whom it belonged, a couple of the ladies said her name!  So, after class, I went to her house and invited her.

We have English class at 6:00 every Tuesday.  We had two women show up around 5:30, and were curious as to what we were doing.  When we told them it was a bible study, they asked if they could join.  We had one extra book, from the lady that dropped out, so we gave it to them to share.  I told them that I would order another book for our February team to bring with them.

Next week, we will have 3 additional ladies joining our little bible study!  Yay, God!!!

For all you ladies that came on the June 2014 Mission Trip, you are going to LOVE this!  I was talking about using a prayer journal during the study to write down scripture, prayer requests, or things that God was saying to them.  Some of the ladies in the group made prayer journals with your team!  They began to talk about how they had been writing down their prayer requests, and how God had heard them!  One was talking about having all these medical tests run, and how they had ALL come back NEGATIVE!  Another was talking about how she had been praying for work in the community, then began to name how God had granted those request!  Praises all around!  I am getting more journals this weekend for the other ladies.

People, I am so excited!  I just know that God is going to do something wonderful through this.  In just one night, I learned so much from these women.  So many of them have such strong faith that it is contagious!  Please continue to pray for us, and please pray that the one lady changes her mind and returns.  I don’t mind getting her another book! :O)

2 thoughts on “About last night…

  1. Praise the Lord for answering prayers above what we can ask or even think!!!! Thank you God for being so faithful and bringing in the extra ladies and giving courage. Please Lord, bring back the lady who sent her book back this week. We pray Holy Spirit that you would draw her in a relationship with Jesus.

  2. I can’t even. This is so amazing. I am so thankful for God’s protection over your thoughts. How He affirmed your calling and the women to invite. More books. More seats. More journals. Loads more Jesus. This is so good. Oh man.

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