Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Our Sweet Ribo


Our Sweet Ribo

As many that follow us on Facebook know, our sweet Ribo passed away yesterday.  We are so very sad and are already missing her so much.

Many have asked what happened.  We can only speculate as to that answer.  We think that she ate some leaves that were poisonous on Sunday.  On Monday, she started getting sick so we began medicating her, taking precautions because she was pregnant.  She seemed to be getting better.  Then, on Wednesday, I walked into the goat house to see that she had miscarried.  It went downhill from there.  On Wednesday night, she still hadn’t passed her afterbirth.  A vet was suppose to show up at 8:30 on Thursday morning but never showed up.  Luckily, Mo and Lauren went to the city and found a vet to come out here.  He did everything that he could to help her pass her afterbirth, then told us to wait.  On Friday morning, our sweet Ribo couldn’t fight any longer and passed away.

As sad as I was, I became infuriated as well.  In the states, we would have had a vet at our house as soon as she started feeling sick. We would have had a vet to help IF she had the miscarriage.  She wouldn’t have gone over 24 hours without passing her afterbirth WITHOUT HELP.  It’s so easy for me, an American, to think these things.  The fact of the matter is…we don’t live in the US.   We live in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere where we don’t have the same luxuries available to us.  THIS is the place that God wanted this goat project to happen.  His plan is always better than mine, even when I don’t quite understand it or WHY.

This goat project is so important to us.  God placed this on our friend Arden’s heart several years ago, so that it might provide nutrition and/or financial support to widows in our community.  We started with two momma goats, and both of them are now dead.  It’s easy to feel like a failure.  It’s easy to feel discouraged.  We have absolutely fallen in love with these goats, and we truly believe in this project.

These two momma goats have given us 3 nanny goats and 1 buck.  These are the legacies of those momma goats to continue this project.  Next week, the buck and one of the nannies will be going to our first widow to continue this project.  The buck will be used to impregnate all the nanny goats in October.  Please pray for the widow that will be receiving these sweet babies.  Please pray that God gives her the wisdom to carry on this project.  Please pray that God’s purpose in this project comes to fruition.

I also have a selfish request.  Could you please pray for Lauren and I as we let go of these babies, and hand them over to the widow?  We are really struggling with letting them go, especially since we just lost our sweet Ribo and her quadruplets.

Ribo and her girls

Ribo and her girls

The nanny babies

Baby Grace

Baby Finn- our resident buck!

Finn the stud!

4 thoughts on “Our Sweet Ribo

  1. I have been and will continue to pray for you and for Lauren and Lexie. I know that this is not a easy thing for you to go through. I believe that God has something in store for this project and HIS plan will come to fruition. Don’t lose hope my friend. Be encouraged that you are being prayed over and love is being sent your way from the states. Love and hugs!

  2. Please forgive my Americanism… But I am angry. I don’t care that you live in a third world country. This horrible thing shouldn’t happen anywhere! Also forgive me for saying, what if you are trying to find a doctor for one of your daughters vs. one of your goats. Will it still be such a wait? That is unacceptable! What can we do to help?! I’m so sorry for your loss. And what can we do to make sure you and your family don’t have to wait for emergency care if needed?

    • Lisa, we now have a vet that will be coming out once a month to check on our goats. It has taken us a year to find one but he’s seems reliable. As for my family and my kiddos, we do have a doctor, and a hospital to go to if there is an emergency. We also have a car to take them there. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to provide the same for our sweet Ribo. I understand your anger. I truly have had to lean into God on this one. I know there is a purpose and reason for everything. These momma goats have given us babies to carry on the project, so we can only move forward from here with new knowledge and a better plan.

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