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Women-Are-More-Stressed-by-the-Marriage-Men-by-WorkLiving in a third world country can be wonderfully exhilarating and overwhelmingly stressful on a marriage.  That is exactly what we have felt in the almost two years that we have lived here.  On one hand, our neighbors have taught us how to be more intentional with the relationships in our lives.  On the other hand, we can get so overwhelmed and exhausted that, once night falls, we have no words left to share with one another.  In other words, we just want to be silent, which isn’t good for keeping communication open in a marriage.  Our marriage has definitely taken a beating, and we have felt the effects of it.  Luckily, we have a wonderful support system that has been praying over our marriage and supporting us in every way possible.  (Believe me, we feel your prayers!)

no kidsWe don’t have the privileges that we had in the states of having our “once a week date night” or our weekend getaways to help us connect.  Thanks to a generous donation from friends of ours, Mo and I are taking a weekend trip…JUST THE TWO OF US! (No kids, dogs, goats, chickens, neighbors, etc.!)  Kristi and Keely are taking care of our girls so that we can get away ALONE for the first time in TWO years!  Did I mention that we are going ALONE?

Here’s the really fun part…we wanted to do something different…to have an experience that we haven’t had before or possibly wouldn’t have if we didn’t live here.  We are going to a yoga retreat in the mountains of Jarabacoa.  I happened upon this place on Facebook of all places.  I know it’s must be legit if it is on Facebook, because the Book don’t lie!  I told Mo about it without really…investigating it…thoroughly.  Being the trusting husband that he is, he quickly agreed that it sounded fun.  I made reservations right away and didn’t think too much into it until this week.  As I went to the website, I began realizing…”Oh my, what have I gotten us into!”.  It is like a REAL Yoga thing, with hard poses and meditation and quietness and all.  The website keeps emphasizing “Silence” and “Quiet”.  I’m not really sure how we are suppose to connect and communicate amongst all of their “silence” and “quiet”.

Then, I realized…”Oh, it’s a vegetarian only kinda place too”.  At this point, I kinda panicked because my husband is a carnivore!  No, seriously, when we first got married, I made this wonderful meal of various kind of vegetables (sans meat).  I was so proud of my cooking skills, and that I was providing a healthy meal for my husband.  He sat down, looked around the table, and said “Where’s the rest?  Where’s the meat?”.  Needless to say, for the last almost 18 years, there is always meat with every meal.

silenceAt this point, I decided it was time to break the news to Mo.  He was actually a bit TOO excited about the “silent” and “quiet” part.  Not sure how he expects us to connect if I can’t talk to him, but he seems to think it’s a great idea.  I really don’t quite understand him.

yogaThe REAL Yoga part has him a bit frightened.  I mean, he did once get kicked out of our dance school because they said that he wasn’t “cut out for it”, aka “you ain’t got no coordination, white boy”.  I think he had flashbacks of that fateful night.

vegetarianLastly, he handled the vegetarian thing very well, although he is planning to pack a little stash of beef jerky for our room.  His only question was:  “What about coffee?  Do vegetarians drink coffee?”.  I said that I think they do, since it comes from a bean.  Goodness, I sure hope so.  (I am packing my coffee and coffeepot…just in case.)

yoga retreatThe place is in the mountains of Jarabacoa and appears to be absolutely beautiful.  Despite a “few” reservations, we are getting really excited!  We leave tomorrow.  Everyone say a few prayers for us please.

Seriously, we are going to be sooooo zen when we return!  Oh, and did I mention that we are going ALONE?!!!

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  1. I hope you guys have a blast… a very quite blast! Praying over you both! Love and hugs!!

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