Following our calling to the Dominican Republic



Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

2Peter 1:2

andWhen I was in real estate, I went to a seminar where the speaker said, “It’s time to take the word ‘but’ out of our vocabulary and replace it with ‘and’, because ‘but’ usually means something negative is following.  Nothing is either good or bad, but most stuff is both.  The word ‘and’ shows that it’s both.”

That being said….

I have these neighbors.  They are super sweet AND they are driving me crazy.  Here’s why…they play the same song over and over and over for HOURS every. single. day. at full volume.  It’s so annoying!

silence of the lambsIn the beginning, I was concerned that they were holding someone hostage and sewing little jackets out of skin for the kids in the community.  Then I realized that only happened in Silence of the Lambs and wasn’t real life, so I let that theory go…for the most part.

crazy_insane_womanThen I settled on the fact that they wanted my sanity.  Somedays, I think they are winning.  My family thinks it funny.  My kids even walk up to me and start singing it…and laughing!  I have known for years that those two were plotting for my sanity so it’s no big surprise that they are jumping on the bandwagon on this one.

Red bow on fingerThen…I came up with another theory.  *Maybe* God is using this as a reminder to me.  Most days I am sure that He thinks that I am plotting for His sanity…

like on the days when I cannot respond in kindness…for the 150 millionth time…

or when I say all these nasty, negative things to myself….for the 150 millionth time…

or when I harbor anger, resentment, jealousy, etc against others…for the 150 millionth time..

grace*Maybe* He just wants to remind me that I annoy Him on a daily basis as well….AND…AND…AND…He gives me GRACE anyway.

*Maybe* He wants to remind me to give grace to others as well.

So, when you are annoyed because…

your neighbors’ dog poops in your yard for the 150 millionth time…

or your husband breathes too loud for the 150 millionth time…

or your kids lick the glass at the store for the 150 millionth time (maybe that only happened to me when my kids were young)…

or you think that your best friend’s hair/clothes/husband/house/kids/life is better than yours for the 150 millionth time…

or your neighbors are sewing little jackets out of skin playing the same some over and over and over for the 150th millionth time…

Just stop, breathe, and thank God for the reminder…

Give grace because it was first given to you.

5 thoughts on “Reminders

  1. I needed this reminder today! GRACE! GRACE! marvalous GRACE!

  2. Glad that you enjoyed this. Yes, Grace…so wonderful!!!

  3. 😉

  4. Bien escrito amiga. Espero que ese mensaje te encuentra bien. 🙂

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