Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Put Down the Stone


“For us to decide what needs to change about another human being is so far above our pay grade.  God uses the love that we give to make whatever changes that He needs to make in that person” ~Glennon

Take a few minutes to watch this video….

…You can thank me later! ;O)

5 thoughts on “Put Down the Stone

  1. Thank you I really needed to hear the truth.

    Love you guys,

    – russ hicks


  2. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the team this week! I sent you treats! Love you my friend!

  3. 🙂 Feel refreshed, reminded and renewed. Yes, thank you, friend for sharing this with me and all the others. I love you & am inspired by you and your babes every single day. xo

  4. Oh my! This stepped on my toes. My favorite part was when she said “Our job is to love and let go. Let God have a moment with who I am having trouble with.” (my paraphrase) Often I say tell myself, I can’t change other people and what they do, but I can change me. Thank you so much for sharing. Loved it.

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