Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

One year ago today…


Today is our one year anniversary of living in the DR.  We have prepared a video to share the highlights of this past year.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “One year ago today…

  1. Tamara it is with tears in my eyes that I tell you how much I love you and your family. The sacrifices are only topped by the memories, fun and heart filled joy that being in that community brings to y’all. You can tell by your faces and listening to all your testimonies. We deeply miss y’all here but better yet is what God has in store for your family over the course of “who knows”. Love to you all and hope to talk soon. There’s info I need to get from you.
    Love you girl


  2. OMG. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. tears….tears. tamara, i am so proud of the life you are living. you are “living” more than most will ever experience. this video was so beautiful, full of hope and giving. i will watch it again and again. i love you all. keep making the world a better place. xo

  4. Dear Tamara, Mo, Lexie, and Lauren, I am so thankful for you and every big and little thing you are doing!!! You are loved so much! Happy One Year Anniversary!! You are a blessing to us all!!

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