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One Word



Several years ago, I read an article about choosing one word to keep with you for the entire year.   I have tried to find that article on the internet numerous times but can’t find it.  There are NUMEROUS websites and blogs that now discuss this ONE WORD philosophy.  There is actually a book that was written about it.

I don’t choose this word.  I usually start praying in November for God to show me the word for the following year.  Yes, in NOVEMBER…because I am stubborn!  I usually want to tell God what I think the word should be…over and over again.  The article stated that you will know when it is God’s word.  It may not make sense at the time but will by the end of the year.

This word would be something that you focus on, pray about, and live towards for that year.  As you focus on it, God will put you in situations in which He can teach you how this ONE WORD is important in your life…or ways in which He is using it to help you become more Christlike.  He wants to use this word to mold you.  Throughout the year, during my morning devotional time, He would point me to scripture surrounding this ONE WORD.  Seriously,by the end of the year, I GOT it!  I understood why God put that particular word in my path.


Two years ago, the word was FORGIVENESS.  I have made it no secret that, for many years, I struggled with unforgiveness.  When someone hurt me or I felt wronged by someone, I would hold a grudge…for years!  There are a few relationships in my life that have always be difficult.  Relationships that I could not let go of the hurt.  I could not forgive.  I had bundled up all of my anger, resentment, and unforgiveness into a tattered little package, stuck a black bow on it, and kept it on display as a reminder of my hurts.  By the end of that year, I had opened up that package and sorted through it.  I realized that I didn’t need any of the stuff inside of it.  God helped me to see that.  He helped me to get rid of it.  Does it mean that those difficult relationships are healed?  No, it just means that I no longer hold anger, resentment, and unforgiveness toward those people.  God holds none of those things towards me.  I have done many things in which He could choose not to forgive me…BUT…each and every time He forgives…and loves me!

releaseLast year’s word was RELEASE.  When He first gave me the word, I thought “Huh?”. I seriously could not understand how that particular word would apply to my life.  As always, God showed me!  I had to release a lot things this past year.  I had to release a country that I have called home for 43 years.  I had to release a life that is much different than the one that I now live.  I had to release relationships that I wanted so badly to work out.  Most importantly, God continued to show me how to release much of myself.  This word has actually given me some of the hardest lessons to learn about myself.  I hold onto so much…junk!  I hold onto other people’s words…and allow them to become truth.  I hold onto negative self-talk…and allow that to define me.  This particular word is still a work in progress for me.

For 2014, I *think* I have the word that God wants for me…but do not have complete clarity and conviction toward it.  I am not concerned because last year’s word didn’t come until the middle of January.  For now, I will pray and wait because I know that God knows.  I know that it is something that His heart has for mine…to continue to mold me into His image.  I think it’s pretty fabulous that He loves me that much!!!


Do you have ONE WORD for 2014?  What is it?

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