Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Whatever floats your goat…

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goatWe are about to get some goats up in here!  Lauren and I are seriously so excited that we are probably getting on Mo and Lexie’s nerves.  To that I say….”maa-maaaaaa”!

Seriously, though, this project is so exciting…and scary too!  Lauren and I have wanted goats for about 5 years.  The ones that we are getting are dairy goats.  We never realized just how much we needed to know to care for a dairy goat so that it produces a good, quality milk.  We are learning everyday with the help the wonderful woman behind this project…

arden and eddie

Meet Arden.  This is her with her late husband, Eddie, that was killed by a drunk driver in 2010.  When this happened, her world fell apart, and her goats are the thing that kept her going.  The rest of the story would be best told by her…

This is her Facebook post as she was sitting on the plane waiting to visit the DR for the first time.

arden on plane

“I have come a long way in these last 42 months. If you had told me 5 years ago where I would be now, I am sure I would have laughed out loud and told you you were crazy! All the credit goes to my Great and Powerful GOD, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sitting on a plane headed to the community of La Represa in the Dominican Republic. During the most difficult days endured because of the drunk driver that killed my Eddie in May of 2010, God kept laying on my heart that there was something more, something for me to do. To go to La Represa and help a widow. But how can I help a widow thousands of miles away? I don’t speak their language. I am not a theologian that can quote scripture. What I do know is goats. For a while now I have been pretty sure that these beautiful goats that Eddie got me for my birthday in 2006 were Gods divine providence. God knew that on my darkest days these goats would need me to get up and care for them. I’m not sure what Gods intentions are for dairy goats in La Represa. I do know that the people need better nutrition. I am hopeful that the goats can provide some form of revenue for the widow. What do I know is that God has laid this upon my heart. So here I am, in this airport. Here I go *obediently* following a path that God has laid before me. My prayer is that I can be an empty vessel (albeit cracked) that God can fill with His Glory and use me to show a widow thousands of miles away how much He cares.”

We had the privilege of staying with Arden during our recent visit to the states.  We got up early in the very cold mornings to learn about nutrition and milking of dairy goats.  As you can see with her FB post, she loves goats very much, and loves God even more!

Please read her recent blog post—>HERE

You will fall in love with her also…just as my family has!  Please pray for her, for this project, for our family to have the wisdom, knowledge, and ability to carry this project out in a way that will make her proud and will glorify God, and for our community to prosper from it!  us with arden

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