Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

July Mission Team


IMG_6608Close to the end of the week with each mission team, we ask each person to think of one word to describe their time in the DR.  Last week we had an AmAzInG group of high school kids (and adults) spend a week pouring into this community.

My one word for this week would be: RESILIENCE!

The dictionary defines resilience as the ability to recover readily from illness or adversity.  It also states that resilience is the power or ability to return to the original form after being bent, compressed, or stretched.  For the most part, I agree that these definitions describe the team…except for one part.

Let me explain…

During this week, we had:  a chipped tooth, a 5.6 earthquake, torrential downpours that caused the upstairs (yes, upstairs) of the house to flood, a few power and water problems (typical for 3rd world living) and a retched stomach bug that periodically took about 5-6 people down at a time…with the final count being 23 people.

IN SPITE OF these things…this team kept rocking it!!!

At one point during the week, I looked at Mo and said:

“What is it about this group that is threatening satan so much?  He keeps attacking, and God’s power keeps prevailing!  Satan is just making a fool out of himself at this point!”

IN SPITE of all of these things, this team:

*Built a wall around our mission house AND Kristi & Keely’s mission house!!!


*Painted the entire school

july school

*Built TWO goat corralsjuly goat

*Began construction on a shed to store construction supplies for future teamsjuly shed

*Held FOUR Kids’ Club activitiesjuly team kids club

*Held a ministry for the young women in the village and discussed purity and modestyIMG_6637

*Held a baseball game in which anyone that wanted to play was welcomedjuly softball

*EACH team member sat with members of the community and just talked, laughed, and cried about life and love…and GOD!IMG_6613

*EACH team member poured into, not only this community…but into each other as well!  THIS team rallied around each other with hands held tight and protected the GOOD that was happening!IMG_9617

*THIS team felt God’s presence and love wrapped tightly around each one of them, and they were blessed to truly understand God’s word in Galatians 6:9:

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

God never promises us that following him and doing HIS work will be easy but it will always glorify HIM.

…IN SPITE OF all of satan’s attacks, we welcomed a new sister into Christ!  Emma accepted Christ and was baptized in the ocean on our beach day!july emma

…IN SPITE OF all of satan’s attacks, this group was moved for Christ in ways that most could not understand.  Many stated that they are forever changed.  july mission team

When defining resilience, the part about “returning to the original form” cannot apply to THIS team!  See…satan was threatened because he KNOWS  that THIS group has been chosen to spread God’s word in ways that while rock this world…

…kind of like the earthquake that we felt!

Good job, team!

…and Good job, parents, for a job well done raising such AmAzInG children of God!!!

4 thoughts on “July Mission Team

  1. Awe..this brought me to tears & gave my heart a big squeeze! How amazing!! All of it. I could see & “feel” God’s work being done in those photos. I love that the more God was prevailing, the more satan kept trying to squeeze in. Too bad he couldn’t compete!! proud of you & your precious family for your continued sacrifices to showing these groups the vision God has led your family to & welcoming them to your DR family. We love and miss you all! Big hugs & kisses to your husband & my beautiful nieces!! Xoxo..from my family to yours

  2. Wow! Reading ALL of the wonderful things this group accomplished is truly Amazing!! My heart is filled with joy because God is glorified!

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