Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Because sometimes you just have to laugh!


NOT a picture of the DR

NOT a picture of the DR

I realize in my last post that I stated the this post would be about our chickens…who just so happen to be the most amazing chickens in all of the Dominican Republic.  However, I’m a big fat liar pants!  This post is not about our chickens because someone can’t seem to finish her hen house…and this someone will not write that post until she has a picture of the finished product.  Moving right along…

Yesterday was a TOUGH Dominican day for me!  I have mentioned several times how this crazy language is kicking my booty.  I am able to carry on very general conversations with people until I hit my limit…my limit in vocabulary words, my limit in understanding, my limit in patience with myself!

Yesterday, my neighbors’ son mocked me in front of a group of teenagers when I tried to speak with him.  Then…they all laughed at ME!!!  I felt like I was in middle school again.  I wanted to punch him in his face and say “Take that back!”…except…remember, my vocabulary is limited and I don’t know how to say that in Spanish!  Then again…what kind of missionary would that make me?  Well…Jesus did get angry and turn over a whole bunch of people’s tables full of stuff that they worked long and hard to make and were just trying to make a living.  Yeah, yeah…I know…THAT was TOTALLY different…but still!

Anyway, I was frustrated and angry and hurt and felt like a big dummy!  So, I did what any red-blooded American would do (and also one that use to be a teacher).  I signed up for language school in Santo Domingo.  Knowledge is power people!!!

Then…I went to bed because tomorrow HAS to be a better day!

I woke up this morning to CITY POWER!!!

Now for those that have not visited here and don’t know what the mess that I am talking about…City Power is what comes into your house in the states.  However, in the states, it ALWAYS comes on…unless someone hits a power pole or storms have knocked some stuff over.  Here in the DR, especially in the campo (the country), we only get City Power for about 8-10 hours a day (usually 6-7 hours while we are sleeping and 2-3 hours in the daytime).  In the meantime, we function on battery power.  When City Power is on, it charges these batteries.  You can see how important City Power is for us to function in life here.  No City Power, then the batteries run dead…then we have no electricity at all.

City Power was on this morning so Mo made us lattes which showed me that God REALLY does love me and wants me to be happy!  Then the power went off for about 10 minutes, then it came back on for about 10 minutes, then off, and back on…you get the picture.  When it goes off, we have to run around and turn stuff off and reset the internet…blah, blah, blah.

We have this running joke that there are two guys that work in Santo Domingo named Jorge and Pedro.  They like to mess with everyone by flipping the light switch off and on.  We said the conversation goes something like this:

Jorge:  Hey Pedro, watch this…(flips switch on, waits a few minutes, then flips the switch off, then back on)

Pedro:  Hahahaha…Jorge, you have to wait until they get everything plugged in.  Now…(flips switch off)

Jorge: I love my job!!!

For some reason, we were all busting up laughing at this as we were gratefully drinking our lattes with fans blowing at full speed on us!

And the whole time…we don’t even care!  We are just so grateful to have City Power….

Because sometimes…you just have to laugh…

6 thoughts on “Because sometimes you just have to laugh!

  1. It makes me mad to know that somone laughed at you my friend. I am so proud of the way you chose to handle it. I am excited for you and language school! I know that will help you and I also think it will be fun for you! I am still waiting to find out about my high school reunion dates before I make my final plans for Septemember… trying to do both…. we need to Skype soon! when you have city power of course! Love and miss you!

    • Yes, it hurt my feelings and embarrassed and humbled me! However, it also encouraged me to learn the language better! Can’t wait to see your face, Regina. Let me know when you can Skype!

  2. great post! i know how you value your city power time and those great lattes! kids are kids. i’m sure it was a humbling moment, but you’ll be perfectly fluent in no time. i was incredibly impressed during our skype session at your spanish. you rock, lova!

  3. Learning a new language is one of the most frustrating things to do. I really do understand the humiliation of having a kindergarten vocabulary in an adult mind and body. When people laughed at my Chinese, which was very often especially at first, I just laughed with them, thinking all the while in the back of my mind “My Chinese may be bad, but it is not near as bad as your English.” Going to language school is a great idea. It is frustrating some days but I just had to learn to laugh with them. I learned that it laughter was the best medicine for frustration. Stay strong!!!!

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