Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

3 Months In…



Hola, Todos & Todas,

Today is a monumental day for our family.  It is the end of our 3rd month in our wonderful journey.  I can not begin to write down the many experiences that we have been through, and the lessons learned.  We have had many back in the U.S. of A and many here in the DR help us with our challenges.  To you all, we say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!  God is teaching us so much.  His grace is nothing short of awe inspiring.

Before we moved here, our goal was to raise our kids in a godly home and to work toward our retirement at a rapid fire pace…work, work, work, save, save, save.  Oh yeah…and spend when there was a toy that we JUST HAD TO HAVE!  You all know the one…THE OBJECT (new car, new computer, new running shoes, new phone that was going to make me feel better)!  Also, and my bride will attest to this, my affinity (or addiction) to managing time!  I wore a watch and was acutely aware of the exact time and day at all times.  My watch was actually 5 minutes fast so that I could be early to places.

I mention the above because they were not on my list of things to do once we got to the DR.  I wanted to come to represent my church and “DO”!  I was going to work, work, work and manage all kinds of stuff.  Well…I believe we are representing our church and our community back home in a respectful way, but none of the things have worked out the way “I” planned.  Guess what?  It’s OK…not only OK, but great and freeing!  You see, I was so caught up in getting things and working on my goals that I lost sight of God’s purpose for us all.

As Christians and human beings in general, God put us on Earth to love one another and to live in community.  You would think that after sacrificing His son for our sins that we would all get that.  Our society with it’s fast pace and “get it done in a timely manner” attitude warped me and my perspective.

Today, I am pleased to say that I do not wear a watch.  I don’t even have a “wristband tan” anymore.  A lot of times I do not even know what day it is.  Living simpler has changed my family’s perspective on what we perceive as “needs vs. wants’ are. We need to love one another.  We need to lift up one another.  As Pastor Brady and Phillip stated in such a moving message this last Sunday, we need to forgive and give grace!

Tomorrow starts month number 4…and I can’t wait.  My wife and children have grown so much.  Don’t get me wrong…we still have challenges!  For example, my daughters just went screaming through the yard trying to get a frog out of Stickbug’s mouth (our FOURTH dog…but an outside dog), City power did not come on much today, Tamara has numerous infected mosquitos bites all over her legs, and I about chopped my leg off with a machete today…

Needless to say…WE LOVE IT HERE!!!

4 thoughts on “3 Months In…

  1. Thank you both for giving me a perspective check this morning! You are so right! God is giving you everything you need but maybe not much of what you want and He is showing you that He is enough! Your lives are a lesson for us all! I am praying today for God’s presence to be ahead of you, behind you, around you, in you…..that there is nowhere you will go that He hasn’t already prepared for you. (I am praying this prayer for me, too!) Much love to you all, Amy

  2. Mo, great stuff this morning! Can I have your watch. We love you guys and are praying for you. I may be coming down next week. Looking forward to seeing you guys. Brady

    • Brady, we look forward to seeing you! Got your text late last night. We don’t always get consistent cell service and text are often delayed. We are doing well…and feeling the strength of all the prayers coming from the church! Thanks for your support and prayers.

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