Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

God’s Love


by Mo

It has been awhile since our last post. Thought I would be writing more of the adventure that God has led us on, but have let life creep in. I am writing this evening because of some challenges that are weighing on my heart.We have acclimated OK to our environment. Electricity can be quite a challenge, and we have learned to play the game with our batteries for the most part… family equated me to an electric nazi but now they are catching me wasting battery power ! We can not drink our water….parasites. Our festering wounds are healing with the help of a doctor that works in a clinic here in our town. It has not rained in forever and everything has a fine coat of dust on it. Our truck has not worked right since we bought it. Blah , blah, blah and complain complain complain. All of that to say…WE LOVE IT HERE!!!

Our neighbors are beautiful human beings that help with any and everything. The campo (country) where we live is beautiful, and, for the most part, not that hot. We have grown accustomed to the food  and are preferring it to the preservative filled, high fructose , high glutein stuff back home. The simple lifestyle fits our family. Some of you may equate the lifestyle to that of a poverty stricken area, and I was right there with. Now, after living and understanding it,  I, and for the most part Tamara and the kids, prefer it. The people here are self reliant. They grow and raise there own food and are close to the land. Having not grown up in the country, I have never seen anything like it before. They do not travel anywhere and buy what little bit of groceries they need in these places called Colmadas that are usually a stones throw from one’s house.

We also had a group of college kids that came down from our church, and they were just wonderful. They worked hard and were big on building relationships with one another and the community. Watching young adults who love the Lord and take their Spring Break to help others is a mind blower.

The Lord is working in our new community with our family and with all who visit…but now my dilemma. Dilemma is actually not the right word to use but am going to anyway. Our church has done amazing things here and has poured into the community. The challenges of a teenage girl has taken front stage recently. She comes from a fatherless home where the mother has no support. They are not Christians, and the mother has no desire to become one. There are 6 children in the household and sometimes they do not eat for days . The girls sleep on a dirt floor and go to school infrequently. Now lets add that the 1 daughter Daniella has a disease or a syndrome  that no one has been able to diagnose. She, through prodding from some special people at our church, has just now been receiving medical attention.Her disease has left her little body scarred and tattered . She is in pain all the time but tries to be upbeat. So, what is the problem. We have rescued her right?……Wrong! Her family situation and the lack of guidance in the house is going to destroy whatever beautiful things our church can do for her. I spent the day with Daniella, her sister and her Mom yesterday and was convicted hard. One part of me wanted to save the girls from their situation. The other side side of me wants to run because the mother is so far from Christ and is leading her children down a path of pain and hurt. I came home from my day with them yesterday and cried with Tamara.  We have continued to pray and ask God for guidance. I  fear these girls, who are smart and beautiful in so many ways, will look to anything to survive. Their future looks bleak. Tamara equated it to when she taught in the inner city and all the problems that come from their circumstances. I am writing tonight with a heavy heart. We have 2 beautiful daughters and they have a Mom and a Dad. They have a home where God leads. They have food and a bed. They have a chance. Hug your kids…pray with them….love on them.

Tamara and I are asking you all to pray for this family. We are asking that you pray that God gives us discernment. Because, to be quite honest, we do not know what to do. God never comes down from the sky “Old Testament like” to show us what to do. He does when we pray and ask for Him to give us the answers…..

We just have to listen.

9 thoughts on “God’s Love

  1. Love your heart, Mo… and love your family and the beautiful way God is working with all of you. And I’m praying with all of you for Daniella, for her sisters, her family, for Jesus to miraculously woo her mom into relationship with Him. Do you have any idea the impact that your family is already and will make on them? Those very things you mentioned… you have two girls, they have a mom and dad that love them, they are being raised in a home that Christ leads… these will not go unnoticed to not just their family but everyone around you who is hungry for more. While I’m so sad for the ‘dilemma’ and the circumstances, I’m so excited about where God has placed you all… to be Christ to all who need. Such HOPE! I can’t wait to hear the rest of Daniella’s story. (My scriptures for Wednesday this year for my kids are found in Ephesians 3:14-19 and I they started running through my head as I wrote)

  2. Mo….praying for you guys and for this family. I am sure it is not easy to see this kind of hurt and feel helpless to do anything. Such a tragic situation. I am praying that God will give you and Tamara direction as well as soften the heart of the mother of these girls. As you know God can turn the most difficult and ugly situations into beautiful things. I am trusting Him for that.

    Love you guys!

  3. I think what your doing is wonderful!! I also think that spending time with Daniella, her sisters and her mother wheather you think so or not right now is making a huge impact on their lives, and soon, very soon the mother will realize that you are there to help. I think maybe she has just lived a long time without any help, or someone who really does care. I will pray for them, any for y’all!!


  4. As humans we relish in seeing results. Keep sowing, brother. Some fruits of our labor will only be seen in Heaven.

  5. Read this…..perspective. I needed it today.   luv u Peg


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