Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Love thy neighbor


IMG_5534About two weeks after moving here, Lexie and I came home to take the laundry inside because storm clouds were forming.  We went out to the line with our basket…and EVERY SINGLE STITCH OF CLOTHING WAS GONE!  We just stood there in disbelief.  We both said out loud…”Someone stole our clothes!”

We came inside and could say nothing at all at first.  Then Lexie said “What are you going to do, Mom?”  What could I do?  They were gone and that was that!  I said “Well, I guess someone needed our clothes more than we did.  We have more.  I just hope that they don’t continue doing it because we will run out of clothes fairly quickly”.

We walked back outside.  Out of the corner of my eye, something caught my attention.  It was my sweatshirt laying on my washing machine.  That caused me to stop and look inside of the machine.  There…laying NEATLY FOLDED…were all of our clothes.

Later I saw one of my neighbors.  She asked me if I found my clothes.  She saw the storm clouds and was worried that my clothes were going to get wet.  My heart was immediately convicted!  I was ashamed that my initial response was fear that someone had taken from me when they had actually given to me!


This past weekend, we went to visit our missionary friends in the northern part of the DR.  We got a call from one of our neighbors asking where we were and did we have our dogs with us.  Our initial reaction was “Why are they asking that?  Is someone planning to break into our house?”  It left us a little unsettled.  Finally, I said “Well, if they break in, then they need our stuff more than we do.”  We continued with our weekend with little worry.  However, on the way home, doubt, worry, and fear shared my carseat with me for the last half of our ride.  I was a bit anxious to see what we were coming home to.

Wanna know what we came home to?IMG_5543

Neighbors welcoming us back.  Neighbors hugging and kissing us and asking if we enjoyed our time away.  Neighbors that had watered our plants for us.  Neighbors…loving on us!

Yeah, I can be such a smuck!!!

Since we lived in a very small neighborhood in the states, our neighbors watched out for one another.  We were very fortunate to have good neighbors.

Due to situations and events over the past couple of years (that had nothing to do with our neighbors), I am incredibly embarrassed to admit that I was becoming cynical and untrusting of others.

This community continues to reach out to my heart and whisper “It’s ok to come out.  We want to show you love again.”  In my pride and arrogance, I thought that God had brought us here so that WE could help this community…that WE could show them God’s love.  He is now teaching me that this community is helping us…that they are showing us God’s love.

My prayer is that our hearts and eyes continue to stay open.  God, please use us!  Please show us ways that WE can glorify YOU.  Please allow our actions to show your love to others in all that we do.  God, please help us to…


…because LOVE ALWAYS WINS!!!

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and all your strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandments than these.

12 thoughts on “Love thy neighbor

  1. Tamera;)). Sweet tamera….what a great story and example of growing in Christ. We have been doing a series on an extraoridinary life in Christ….that when we allow god to lead and control our lives….surrender to him….we go from being ordinary to extraoridinary;)). Your family is a shining example of this and I praise Jesus for this loving witness. I am sooooo proud of you and the family for crossing over that very scary river to serve him. I am lifting you up right now for his love and protection . I think I am going to use your blog in our very small group tonight as a fantastic example of spiritual growth;))


    • Wow! Thanks, Sheena! This experience has been so wonderful. When Mo first felt the calling, we just knew that we would be saying yes. However, we had NO IDEA what we were saying yes to…and could NEVER have imagined this WONDERFUL thing that God was giving us! We wonder every single day why WE were asked and thank HIM every single day for asking us to come here. Please pray that we honor Him in all that we do here!!!

  2. Your post is such a blessing. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  3. Great story Tamara! How’s your Spanish coming along? Sounds like gracias is used often!

  4. Loved this post. How awesome that God is blessing you through these kind neighbors.

  5. Loved this post Tamara…..thank you

  6. Took me a while to look you guys up but I’m glad I did. Love DOES always win. I plan on following you all closely as God begins to tug on my heart too. Miss ya Moe.

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