Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Busy week filled with love- Part 2


Thanks for all of the wonderful comments and encouraging words from the last post.  I have finally found the time and energy to post Part 2!  We have been amazed at how TIRED we are by the end of each day!  We have narrowed it down to:  1) We go nonstop each day, 2) Our bodies are adjusting to the heat,  3) Our brains are exhausted from trying to learn and speak a new language all day long! Mo already knows Spanish but says that he is having trouble speaking “Dominican Spanish”.  He also gets stuck translating for the girls and me a lot.

We held our first English class last week.  We will begin by teaching it every Thursday at 2:00 to the staff at the school, then it will expand into the adults in the community.  This week, we only had 3 people attend.  We learned general greetings, colors, and names of kitchen items, such as plate, cup, glass, etc.  Mo and I enjoyed it so much!  It is really going to help us me learn Spanish also.

Maximo, Bersy, and Mo

Maximo, Bersy, and MoIMG_5394

After class, Mo and I got back to stuffing bags and baking goods for the “Spread the Love” project.  When the girls got home, we hit the paths and starting delivering our goodie bags. The ladies seemed to be so surprised, but thankful.   Many were a bit giddy and shy about receiving the gifts.  It was actually quite endearing.




This project was so much fun!  We were very, very, blessed to have several people partner with us on this project. Due to their generous donations, we were able to fill the bags full of lots of chocolates that are a luxury to many of these women.

8 thoughts on “Busy week filled with love- Part 2

  1. You guys are doing great things over there!

  2. That’s so cool, Tamara!

  3. You guys are amazing with allowing people to experience the joy and love when people love God and willing to go beyond their comfort zones. So incredibly proud of you work!!!

    • Thanks, mom! Last week God showed up in so things. We are learning so much from Him about ourselves, and how we can serve Him better. It’s amazing how my selfishness is my natural tendency, and He still loves me and allows me to serve.

  4. You all amaze us everyday! How blessed are we in this world to have experiences like this! Chris and I can’t wait.

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