Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Busy week filled with Love- Part 1


This week has been busy, busy, busy!  We have been able to see God working in so many ways.  He has been so fabulous and using us in many unexpected ways.

The week started with an early morning knock on our door.  Last week while the medical team was here, a gentleman cut his finger and came into the clinic.  He showed up at our door for me to “doctor” his finger.  Luckily, a nurse, that was here last week, taught me a few basic first aid/medical techniques. (Thanks, Becky!)  Now, word on the street is that we are doctors.  We have tried to explain that we are indeed NOT doctors.  Needless to say, we have seen a few more patients this week also.

Changing the bandage on this gentleman's finger.  Forgive the look on my face.  I had literally just woken up. It was a bit of a gruesome sight before having any coffee.

Changing the bandage on this gentleman’s finger. Forgive the look on my face. I had literally just woken up.

He came back again later in the week for me to change the bandages again.  This time…he paid me…in beans!  That was one of the most endearing things that I have ever experienced!  This guy was so thankful and absolutely PRECIOUS!

Our payment

Our payment

One afternoon, Lauren, Lexie, and I decided to set up a makeshift nail salon in our yard.  We overturned a couple of plastic bins with nail polish sitting on them.  It didn’t take long to attract a *few* clients!

Our Nail Salon

Our Nail Salon

Lex and her client

Lex and her client

La and her client

La and her clients

One little girl put her foot on my box to paint her toenails.  At that moment, I was struck by a verse in the bible in which Jesus begins to wash his disciples’ feet.  I remember a women’s study that I did years ago in which we studied this verse:

Jesus said, “If I don’t wash you, you can’t be part of what I’m doing.”

The leader of our group asked us to go home and wash our husband’s feet.  It was a very emotional experience then.  As I was painting this little girl’s toenails, my eyes suddenly filled with tears thinking about that verse.

These feet have "traveled" many miles in so few years.

These feet have “traveled” many miles in so few years.

Mo was so excited to get a haircut from Fernando the barber this week.  He obviously got “the works” because he looked pretty fancy when he came home!

Fernando the Barber

Fernando the Barber

Ramon and Amelia invited us to lunch one day.  The girls were super intrigued by their garden in their backyard.

Amelia and the girls

Amelia and the girls

The girls fed all of the dogs in the area as a Valentine’s gift.  Tails were wagging all around.  With a donation that we received specifically for this, the girls’ new mission is to take care of all of the dogs in the village.  (Dr. Jennifer, you would have been so proud of them.)


There is so much more that I want to share from this week!  This post is getting too long, and I have little people wanting dinner.  Please check back tomorrow for Part 2!

9 thoughts on “Busy week filled with Love- Part 1

  1. just smiled the whole time while reading this. love this life you are living.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I absolutely love every word of this! You sre already maling such an impact on everyone around you. I love that this man came to you for some doctoring. It’s amazing how we take something like peroxide and neosporine for granted… here you have used it to care for this man in a little way he will never forget. Tamara I love you and yours so much…. I could not have parted with y’all for anything less than this glorious assignment from God. They are ao blessed

  3. *so blessed to have you and I know you feel even more blessed to be their friends. My heart is with you always!! Love you Lobster!!!

  4. I love you too, Lobster! Your support and encouragement mean so much to our family…and calms my heart.

  5. I absolutely LOVED reading every bit of this…I didn’t want it to end!! You all look like you are doing EXACTLY what you were sent to do!! Blessing others & they are blessing you while doing so! Amazing how God works. Love you all…xoxo

  6. This new brave way of life is so incredibly beautiful and inspiring! I see God beaming out of every part of you guys! My heart is broken for the dog that looks so emaciated. God has given me such a heart for animals. I worked at several vet clinics throughout the years. Did the vet that was there teach the girls some basics, such as when animals (any animal) starves, when they do finally eat they tend to gorge themselves and it can make them very sick – even die, so you may want to make sure the girls limit the amount they give each time. It would be better to give small amounts of food often rather than one big amount less often.

    Love You and Miss You! Love to Mo, Lauren and Lexie and your puppies, too!

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