Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

A post from Z the dog


(Typed by Lexie for Z)

Hey! It’s Z the dog! I’m gonna talk to you about the move! Let’s start with me leaving. Everyone was so sad!  I wanted to help them but I was trapped in my box jail. Everyone was crying and hugging, and it made me cry too! In fact, I cried the whole car ride to Florida! When we left Florida they were sad too! I hate when my people are sad! Frank was just angry because his bone wasn’t allowed to go with us. He is such a Diva! Then we were off!

When we got on the big metal bird, I was so scared!!! It was scary in that lonely crammed cage. To make it worse, I was drugged! My family wants me to be drugged every time we travel now!  They say it makes me calmer. All I see is rainbows and birdies! The plane was so loud! It made beeping sounds. It made my ears hurt. It was bumpy too! If I wasn’t strapped in I would be sliding everywhere! I forgot to mention that Mr. Diva’s cage was on top of mine! He kept yelping for Lauren! The landing was probably the worst part. I had to dig my claws into my cage, and Frank had to pray he wouldn’t fall off. When we we got off the plane, it didn’t smell like home.

When we got out of the airport, we went to stay with a very nice family. They had a little baby named Tessa. She liked to drop food down to me. She was cute, I guess. To me she looked like a naked puppy because she doesn’t have fur. We went to the park with the baby. The smells were so different! Those DR dogs leave smells everywhere! Soon after that day, we had to leave again! The baby was sad! I hope we will be able to visit again!

When we finally stopped, we arrived at this small little village. We had a house there and it had a HUGE backyard! The only problem is I can’t run loose because we don’t have a fence The dogs are MEAN, and I chase the chickens. Also, they don’t speak English. They speak jibberish. When I first came out, everyone was scared of me. Now the kids love me, but I am not to sure about the adults though! We have settled in here and it’s really nice. The best part is I don’t have to travel anymore! I think I hear grandma coming……. I have to go, Adios!

4 thoughts on “A post from Z the dog

  1. I want to be your dog!!!

  2. Tamara I thought the whole drugging and boxing thing was on the DL

  3. Tamara, I am blown away by this amazing journey you and your family are making. I know you, Mo, and the girls are a blessing to whomever crosses your path. May God continue to bless your sweet family.

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