Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

A photo blog!!!


Hi all!  I am at the school today with the mission team that is here.  This group of dental/medical personnel just simply ROCK!  They are testing hearing, cleaning teeth, and pulling and filling teeth if needed.  I am amazed how they are doing this with such little equipment.  They are selflessly giving of themselves and do not appear to know how much they are blessing this entire community!  Go team!!!

Anyway, the internet is much faster here so I thought that I would post some pictures of our first week here.


Our girls at the beach with our friends’ kids.  Our friends are missionaries in Cabrera and have a mission organization named threesixteen missions.


This is the first Dominican meal that I cooked…and it was GOOOOOD!!!  The chicken was so fresh that it…uh…woke up that morning and was our dinner by night.  Sorry chicken!  The carrots, onion, cilantro and potatoes were bought in the village.  The entire meal cost about $7 for 5 people.  There is also a spice in there that is similar to bouillon. All the Dominican women swear by it…and now I do too.  Also, do you see the cooking pot and the big spoon?  They have magical powers…for real!  They turned me into a good cook…and that is no small task, people!!!


This is the vegetable truck that comes around on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Apparently there is a fruit truck and an (cooking) oil truck also.  They sell to individuals and to the colmados.  I got lettuce, tomatoes, onions, grapefruit, potatoes, and carrots for about $3.00.


This is pretty much what our yard looks like anytime that the girls are outside.  They are celebrities!


The girls decided that I needed a Dominican broom.  Seriously, most of the women make their brooms out of sticks and brush.  


A small part of the dental team.  They are so amazing!


Our family in front of our house


Lauren and Lexie on the first day of Dominican school.  They homeschool for a couple of hours in the morning, and attend school from 2-5 everyday.  Lauren had a very rough first day that ended in a complete meltdown and tears.  She said that her teacher speaks no English and the kids made fun of her.  Lexie LOVED her class!  Her teacher speaks a little English and the kids, in that class, seem to be kinder and more understanding.  We are considering letting both of them be in the same class since the Dominican school is basically just their Spanish class.  Please pray that Lauren has a better day tomorrow and that God calms her heart!

12 thoughts on “A photo blog!!!

  1. I am still so amazed at what your family is doing – y’all are blessing so many people. Big hugs to sweet Lauren and I pray things go better.

  2. sweet lauren. i know it will get better. and maybe they weren’t making fun of her so much as just laughing and intrigued. ya know? prayers for a better tomorrow. …love the fresh veggies and fruit that come right to you! and gotta get that recipe! maybe by the time you are finished in the DR, you can write a cookbook for your American friends! (hint…ME!) as always…love.

  3. these pictures made me cry and smile all at the same time. I so love seeing my little girl Lottie in the pictures! Lexie and Lauren and their sweet smiles are precious as they navigate this new life. I know God is working through you guys in amazing ways. The first day of school is hard for anyone and I am praying that tomorrow is a better day for Lauren. Much love Ludlam’s! I miss you guys!

  4. It was so great to meet you and spend time with your family. I am amazed at how well you are all fitting in so quickly. Your home is beautiful and I can’t wait to hear all of the wonderful stories God will bless you with.

  5. Lauren, sorry you’re having to learn Espanol the hard way, but you’ll get there fast I’m sure. My prayer is that God will quicken your mind so you will pick up the language faster. And that your schoolmates will pick up some Southern along the way. You are awesome and fierce (and it’s ok to cry). Love and prayers, Stephen Martin

  6. Tamara i have Been meaning to go back and read your blog from the beginning but just can’t seem to find the time too much busyness. So today I woke up with terrible migraine from being outside in the heat yesterday. So no church for me today. 😦 (cant take the loud music, which I usually love, or the lights, etc) so I watched church on TV and am reading your blog from the beginning. I have been reading for 2 hours now! I Have smiled and laughed and cried! Just saw the picture of the dental team and much to my surprise it is MY dentist!!!! Dr Jamie Grider! So cool!!! He’s the best and in fact I go tomorrow to him for a cleaning! Just wanted you to know how much I’m enjoying reading all of your blogs and help touching they are, thank you for sharing and your honesty and for helping to bring me church in my darkened room at home this morning. 🙂 prayers for you and your family! 🙂

    • Michele,
      You are too kind! Your support and kind words have been so needed and appreciated…especially your prayers! I can feel them all way down here. You name is on my daily prayers list. Hope all is well with you. Oh, Dr. Grider and his team are amazing! They give incredibly selflessly to this community.

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