Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

When move-in day turns into initiation day


We were suppose to move into our home in La Represa today.  We had our to-do list ready:

1) Get cell phones

2) Pick up new (to us) truck

3) Go by the grocery store

4) Move into new home

It didn’t happen. It took over 3 HOURS just to get our cell phones.  CrAzY, right?!!!  Then we found out that we couldn’t pick up our truck until 3:00 (although it turned out to be more like 5:30 before the truck was ready).  We couldn’t exactly move without a vehicle.  We realized that it just wasn’t going to happen today.  Luckily, the friends with which we are staying were fine with us staying another night.

Just like that…we simply couldn’t move.  No big deal.  We will just do it tomorrow.

Funny thing is that, if we were in the states, there would have been frustration, anger, stress and tension around the whole situation.  We were suppose to move so we should move.  End of story!  However, we have been blessed to meet many people along this journey that have offered much sound advice.  The best advice that we received was…

“If you accomplish one thing a day on your to-do list, then it has been a successful day.”

We accomplished 2 of the 4 items on the list!  I would say that is a pretty successful day!  We have officially been initiated into the Dominican lifestyle…

…And I think we passed with flying color!

*Here are pictures of our “new” truck.  It’s a Korean truck called a Ssang Yong Korando Sports Pickup Truck





4 thoughts on “When move-in day turns into initiation day

  1. :)) The truck is different looking! Thats for the blog I am learning all about the DR and God’s work through your postings and blogs! You and your family are truly an inspiration to me and I feel like I am getting a gift every time I get to read something from you! Thanks for giving the gift!!! The gift of God’s work!!!!!

    • Awww, Deana! That is so sweet for you to say. The truck is definitely interesting…and driving in this country is like a death wish! Thanks for supporting us and following our journey. Pray that we continue to hear and follow God’s guidance.

  2. Love the truck!!

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