Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

We are here in the Dominican!



It is super uber difficult to write at this time. For one,  I have only written one other time ( my beautiful bride does most of the writing…she is better at it and I can’t type ) Second, we have had a lot going on in the last 48 hours.

I am going to start with a shout out to my Lord and Savior. Without  his guidance and protection, our family would still be lost. My wonderful wife and all that she has endured has been a catalyst for our journey. Our families, church family, and friends have been awesome with all of their support. Our new church family in the D.R. has also been great. With all that said…here it goes…

I witnessed my wife crying on Tuesday. You ask – why was she crying ? What did you do now Mo ? Oh crap…did she change her mind after you all had already flown here. My wife was crying because a team of great people have built her a house. Why bring all that up? In my life back home I am a builder and could have built my family whatever they wanted ..within reason. I never did. It took God and  his plan to build my wife a house. The name of our mission is called H29 Mission, named after the bible verse Haggai 2:9.  In that particular Bible verse, the Jewish people of the Old Testament tore down an old temple and built another more glorious temple. The Bible verse saved my family and now it has also come to fruition in our lives. Our family, thru God’s grace, is much more glorious than in the past. My wife’s tears of joy  are the start of our family’s next chapter. With God leading our path, this chapter is going to be a great one.

Check out some of these pics from the last 48 hours.

Boarding the plane at 0 dark thirty

Boarding the plane at 0 dark thirty

Lexie loved sitting with the pilots

Lexie loved sitting with the pilots

At the airport gathering our containers

At the airport gathering our containers

Our first meal as "Dominicans"

Our first meal as “Dominicans”

Mo and Z visiting the community

Mo and Z visiting the community

Our beautiful home

Our beautiful home

The Ludlams are now official residents of the Dominican Republic.

17 thoughts on “We are here in the Dominican!

  1. I went on a mission trip to the DR in 2009 and loved it. Such beautiful people.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Mo. So excited to be able to witness how God is at work in your life, family, and LaRepressa. Praying for you daily to be filled with His Spirit, love, peace, grace and power. In Jesus name,….

  3. Mo..I love you dearly & I have always been proud of you & I’m so happy for where you have allowed God to lead you and my beautiful sister & my precious nieces!!! We pray for you guys daily & will devote that time to do so..enjoying the journey with you!! Xoxo

  4. Great job Mo! Such a beautiful story that I never get tired of hearing about. I wish you all the best in moving into your new home tomorrow. Continuing to pray! Love you all!

  5. Cool! Good luck to you guys!!

  6. So Mo who I have never met … U did pretty good 🙂 I was actually in tears b/c of the revelation u spoke. “They built a house for her and I never did”.
    How often are our gifts, talents and treasures not used to bless those closest to us. Remember this one as u go into this season of service to everyone else.
    Be that blessing to ur wife n girls. It won’t take a house to do it. It will only take a tiny little bit of u, your time, your love n your attention.
    Well done. Looking forward to reading more posts from you too.

  7. Cannot WAIT to come have coffee on your front porch!!!!!!!

  8. Love this! The honesty of the words and thoughts left me in tears. Praying for you and your family.

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