Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Our last day in the states


Tomorrow is the BIG day!  We have received so many messages, phone calls, text messages, and Skype calls the past two days.  The first thing that most people ask is…

“How are you feeling right now?”

Amazingly, we are relaxed.  Little did we know, God has spent a lifetime preparing us for just this moment!  He definitely spent the last year preparing our hearts and calming our spirit.  We are READY!!!

We left Jacksonville this morning and drove down to Fort Pierce.  We needed to go through our containers at the hangar.  We could only bring 2000 lbs with us on tomorrow’s flight.  We ended up having 2900, which includes us and our dogs.  Some of our stuff will stay at the hangar and be flown down in 2 weeks.  Of the 2000 lbs that is coming tomorrow, we had to separate that into “cargo” and “baggage”.  We will take “baggage” through customs with us.  The airline will send the “cargo” through to a separate area, and we will pick that up in 2-3 days.

Here are a couple of pictures of the plane.  It’s a 1942 DC3:


The organization that we are flying with is called MFI (missionary flights international).  We met another family there today that will be starting their journey as first time missionaries in the Bahamas on Thursday.  They have 2 daughters that are 10 and 8.  While our kids played and talked and our husbands moved boxes, the wife and I were able to talk about this wonderful journey.  It was nice to talk to someone that understands exactly how I am feeling and what we are going through.  One of my missionary friends said to me once “The funny thing about being a missionary is that you no longer choose your friends.  God does”.  My hope is that this family is one of our new “God chosen” friendships!  Below is a picture of our kids hanging out today:


After we finished there, we took the kids and dogs to the beach.  It was nice just to sit, relax, and listen to the ocean.  Z loved the water.  Frank loved the sand.  The girls seemed happy, and Mo let out a huge sigh.  I took that to mean that we can finally  relax a bit.


Frank sunning in the sand

Frank sunning in the sand

Lexie had a wonderful idea to just let the water wash our worries away.  Isn’t she so creative?


2 thoughts on “Our last day in the states

  1. It’s exciting to think about the changes that you’re going to make in so many lives.

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