Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

When God provides in seemingly trivial ways


IMG_5076When we first decided to move to the DR, I started researching information about mission work.  Luckily, several blogs led me to information that was not only useful, but helped settle my nerves.  In the blogs, it was suggested several times to “take a vacation before you started working in the field”. The reasoning behind this is twofold: 1) You need a moment to catch your breath after the stress of preparing for an international move and the emotions of saying so many goodbyes, 2) Once you get “on the field”, you may get very few opportunities to get away.  This “mini-vacay” helps you to start your journey refreshed and ready.

“If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”

When you are no longer receiving a traditional paycheck and are living on saved money or money that is donated, a vacation seems like a trivial expense.  It is very easy to choose to save that money for living expenses.  Our children have made so many sacrifices for this move and have given us very little complaint.  We really wanted to take them to Disneyworld, and were having a very hard time justifying spending the money.  For the first time, I chose not to worry about it, and to ask God for something that felt trivial.  Most often, I will go to God for the big things but feel like I am inconveniencing Him with the little things.  Helping comfort someone’s heart after a loss or providing food for others that have nothing seems much more important than my little request for a Disney vacation.  Then I have to remember that I am God’s child.  With my own children, I want to give them everything that their hearts’ desire.  Why do I not think that God wants the same for HIS child?


And provide He did!  A very generous friend made a donation to cover the girls’ park tickets.  Then Mo’s aunt and uncle, Susan and Brendan, allowed us to stay in their villa in Orlando for FREE!!!  At one point in the park, I looked over at my girls.  Their shoulders were relaxed, laughter came freely, and huge smiles covered their faces.  I realized how the stress of this move had consumed us all.  Tears of thankfulness fill my eyes as I type this.  My friend cannot imagine how much that donation meant to us, and Susan and Brendan have no idea how they helped make this “mini-vacation” possible.

Dreams really do come true!

Dreams really do come true!

God loves us and will provide…even in seemingly trivial ways!

Front-Exterior-21For anyone wanting a GREAT place to stay near Disneyworld, Susan and Brendan’s villa is a 4 BR/3 BA LARGE villa with a pool.  It is located about 10 miles from the theme parks.  The home is located in a gated community that offers a clubhouse with a heated pool, hot tub, tiki bar, video game room, business center, coffee bar, and playground.  Anything that you could need for a relaxing stay away from home is offered in the home.  It sleeps 10 so there is more than enough room for 2 families to stay.  Better yet…it is EXTREMELY affordable!!!  

If you are considering visiting Disneyworld, check out  Suzie’s Villa.  If you contact them directly and tell them that you heard about it from this blog, they may be able to work out a deal with you.  Their website is Suzie’s Villa.  You can also contact them directly, at  Here are a couple of more pictures of their villa and the community:Great-Room-300x225

Pool at the villa

Pool at the villa

Climbing wall for kids

Climbing wall for kids

Pool at the clubhouse

Pool at the clubhouse

2 thoughts on “When God provides in seemingly trivial ways

  1. I’m so happy the girls got to do this! I am looking so forward to your blog updates. What a great scrapbook of memories the girls will have in years to come.

    • Thanks, Ticha! I am so glad they were able to go also. They have been such troopers throughout this process. It was nice to see smiles on their faces. Thanks for following our journey! Hope all is well with you.

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