Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Halfway there…and living on a prayer


homeschoolingThe last 2 weeks have being cRaZy!!!  Through God’s grace…and tons of help and understanding from family and friends…we are all alive!  Hahaha…not dramatic at all, huh?!

Half of our journey is complete.  Here’s a recap:

*  We sold all of our vehicles and all of our furniture except for a bunk bed

*  Stored 3 pieces of furniture that we chose to keep and about 30 Rubbermaid containers of memorabilia and junk that we will have to start over if when we return to the states

*  Packed about 30 Rubbermaid containers of stuff for the DR.  (Mo says there are more like 40)

*  Home is *possibly* rented for a year starting March 1st.  Just waiting for potential renter to return the signed lease and additional items that the property manager needs.  Still praying that this continues to move forward without issue!

*  The girls flew to Florida ALL BY THEMSELVES!  Yes, we are all doing really hard things in this family now!  Surprisingly, I was not a complete wreck after putting them on the plane.  I love when I am able to see God’s work in our family.  There was a peace in my mind and heart that could only be granted by Him.  Way to go, God!!!

*  Mo and I drove the UHaul with all our junk and 2 dogs down to his parents’ house.  Then, 2 days later, Mo and his dad drove down to Fort Pierce to store everything at the hangar and return the UHaul.

*  I threw out my back getting boxes out of the UHaul, and it’s healing up with a little help from the Chiropractor.  Puppy (aka Z) hurt his leg somehow and is still limping.  Looks like he will need to go to the vet here in Jacksonville.  Frank is good.  Mo and the girls are doing gr-8 and LOVING having sunshine and swimming in January!

*  We started homeschooling 2 days ago.  We laughed so much the first day!  Before we even got started, Mo walked up to me and said “We need to have a faculty meeting”.  Lawdy, when I was teaching (I actually have an education degree and taught 1st/2nd grade for 7 years), it took more than a day for the principal to figure out that she needed to keep an eye on me! LOL!  We joke a lot about us homeschooling the kids but we are actually enjoying it and very excited to be more involved in the kids’ learning.  They also seem to be realizing the benefits of it.  Lauren was on the phone with a friend tonight really “talking up” homeschooling.  I was in agreement with her until I heard her say “If we don’t feel like having school, then we can skip a day”. Sccrrrreeeccchhhh…ummm, what universe are you in, missy?  Guess we still have a lot a few kinks to work out! We. will. get. there…with lots of prayers and patience!

~Sidenote: The girls will be attending the school in the village but it is only 3 hours a day and ONLY in Spanish.  That will help them with social interaction and language immersion.  They will be homeschooled for their American studies.  Lauren was incredibly concerned that she was going to fall behind and not be in advanced classes when we returned to the states.  Lexie was just excited that we were going to “be dissecting dead animals”!  Interesting to see two straight A kids from the same two parents with completely opposite learning styles!

*  We will be in FL until our cargo plane with all our stuff, our dogs, and us leave on January 29th.  Then the BIGGEST part of our journey will begin!  We are getting so excited!  Our friends, that are missionaries in the northern part of the DR, have been sending us FB messages making coffee dates, Super Bowl and birthday party plans!!!  We are so blessed to have such wonderful support just waiting for us to get there!  That, my friends, is God providing!!!

*Many of you have informed me that our donate button was not working.  Well…guess what??  After 3 days, I finally figured it out!  It *should* be working fine now!!!  Check it out ———————————————>

*  All of us were completely overwhelmed and humbled by everyone that sent texts, FB messages, emails, phone calls, or dropped by to see us before we left.  WE WERE COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED BY LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  You are blessing us everyday by showing interest, love, and concern for our little family on our little journey that is being provided for and guided by our VERY BIG GOD!!!

4 thoughts on “Halfway there…and living on a prayer

  1. Haaha! Love the “Sccrrrreeeecccchhhh,..” comment. The button works! It’s been so cool watching this entire process through your posts. Thanks for sharing the blessing with the rest of us! Much love and prayers!

    • Thanks, Rene! You have been one of my biggest supporter and best friends through this entire process. Thank you for giving additional grace to me through this entire process and my emotional self! I love you so much! Thanks for the donation also…Mrs. Sneaky! :O)

  2. I am loving reading about your journey, how awesome God is on your behalf and the ups and dips of homeschooling (did it for a year). Keep up the positivity and know that God is pleased. Have a great day!

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