Following our calling to the Dominican Republic




Hi all!  It’s just me…Tamara.  I know that I made the big announcement that Mo “The Man of Few Words” was going to post.  Well, it just hasn’t happened yet.  Lauren doesn’t seem to want to blog just yet either.  I will keep nagging encouraging them to get those thoughts out of their heads and on the blog soon. Promise!

Until then, you are stuck with me.

We are getting packed up and are SO STINKING EXCITED!  Honestly, I cannot even begin to feel THAT emotion because there are SO MANY other emotions surging through my body right now.  I just can’t add one more!  Yesterday, I was overwhelmed by sadness.  Sadness for leaving all of these A-M-A-Z-I-N-G people that have been surrounding us and encouraging us and loving on us for so many years!!!  Sadness for leaving the only way of life that I have known for 40 30-something years! ;O)

Delivery Man Balancing Boxes

Anywho…I have been getting a lot of questions how to send us mail/packages!  Here’s the dealio:

1) Many have asked what we need right now.  The ladies of the village have asked that I bring yarn and crochet needles.  The kids love dollar store items, such as bubbles, jumpropes, playdoh, etc.  We will be leaving TN on January 12th.  If you want to send any of these items, please get them to us before then and we can add them to our containers.  Once we get down there and dig in, we will know more of their needs.  I will post our wish list on this blog, or our website (once it gets set up).

2)  There’s no postal service where we are going to be living. I’m not really sure that I have a real address.  It might just be “the big cinder block house that backs up to all of those trees”.  That would be really difficult (and funny) to put on an envelope though.

3) We are joining a mission organization called Missionary Flights International (MFI for short).  This is how we can receive mail.  We will have a FL address.  Our mail will be sent there, then flown over on a cargo plane to Santiago, DR.  This is about 1 hour from where we will be living.  It is my understanding that it could take up to 2 months to get our mail because we have to wait for the plane schedule, etc.  We don’t have this address yet.  As soon as I have it, I will post it here on the blog.

4) You can send items through the mission teams that come down 5 times a year.  The mission trips are: February, March, July, September/October, and December.

5) HERE’S THE BIGGIE!  Whenever we receive mail, IT COSTS US $1.50 PER POUND TO PICK IT UP.  The advice that we have received from other missionaries is:

-If we can get it in the DR, most of the time that will be cheaper than getting it from the states, due to shipping costs.  There is a store owned by Walmart called La Sirena that is located in most of the bigger cities throughout the DR.

-If you want to mail something to us, it would be incredibly helpful if you could deposit “our shipping cost” ($1.50 per lb) into our account.  We are on an EXTREMELY limited budget.  Most of the time we will not have “extra” to pick up packages.

-Individual letters or cards will need to be added to packages.  Those individual items can easily get lost in transit.  If you want to send us a letter or card, it might be best just to send us an email or ecard.  Our email addresses are as follows:



H29 Missions:



***Thanks everyone for all of your support!  Don’t forget about our Goodbye Party/Silent Auction on January 5th from 4-7.  Hope to see all of you!!!

4 thoughts on “Questions

  1. thanks for all the info. that was great. cheryl griffith

  2. After I got home tonight from your house, I open your blog and read the whole thing. It answered all my questions I wanted to ask you. This is so special and thanks for sharing. Please keep it up after you move.
    Thanks Lynda
    Oh I guess it didn’t answer one question. If we wanted to put money into your account or sent a package, where would we send the money for shipping?

    • Lynda,
      Thanks for reading our blog! We will continue to blog throughout our time in the DR. Our plan with the blog was to share the entire experience with everyone. As for money for shipping, it would need to be put into our account by clicking the “donate” button. I am trying to get it fixed because it’s not working correctly right now. However, once we get it fixed, people can click on it and pay for shipping through our Paypal account.

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