Following our calling to the Dominican Republic


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This is a DC3.  We will be flying in one of these with our stuff to the DR

This is a DC3. We will be flying in one of these with our stuff to the DR

One month from today we will be boarding a plane with our stuff to move to our home in the Dominican Republic.  So many emotions are surging through our home right now.  Fear, excitement, sadness, and happiness are just a few.  Anticipation is one of the main ones!  Each of us has visited our new home country.  However, LIVING there will be a whole new experiences.  We have been anticipating this moment for almost a year (3 years from the time that Mo first approached me with the idea).



Most of our furniture is sold, except for a couple of pieces.  We believe that Mo’s truck is sold but we haven’t sold my Expedition yet.  The house is neither sold nor rented.  This is definitely a leap of faith for us in this aspect!  We are trusting God on this one!!!

We are having a Goodbye Party/ Silent Auction on January 5th.  This will be a chance to get rid of the remainder of the little stuff.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, this is an opportunity for us to say “goodbye” to so many people that we have shared life with for the past 8 years.  Saying “goodbye” will be the hardest thing that we will have to do!

Our “to-do” list continues to get shorter…then longer…every day!  Right now we are trying to figure out the logistical part of the move.  Is the house going to be completely finished when we move there? How do we get our stuff from Santiago to La Represa?  How do we get our car in Santo Domingo to La Represa?  How are we going to do all of this with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 frazzled parents, and a ton of storage containers?  Once again, trusting God!

More than once, we have been talking to people about how we came to this decision.  Each time we see a new way in which God had a hand in this from the beginning.  We can look back many years ago to see the path being paved for just this moment!!!  We have, and will continue, to trust that God will work all of this out for His will and His plan.  I have always been a planner with a “type A” personality.  I still tend to get caught up in all of the task needing to be done and let them weight me down.  I have heard Him speak to me more than once throughout this experience…

“One day at a time…one task at a time…”

Then I can breathe and remember…

He has been planning this for many years. I know that I can just relax because it will all work out in the end because…


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