Following our calling to the Dominican Republic



Many people have asked how our daughters feel about moving to the DR. I have asked both kids to write a post. I will not edit them in any way because I want it to be in their words and for them to have their voices heard.

Lexie in the Dominican Republic

Lexie in the Dominican Republic

Hey everyone! I am gonna talk about how I feel about the move. The first time we talked about it i wanted to wake up from my bad dream well at least i wished it was a dream. I did not want to move to a totally different country. That was until i went on my first mission trip, when we first arrived in the village all the kids were all ready to be your best friends!!!! Not like the people in the States! They would go right up to you and hold your hand, and it makes you feel special. Not to be rude but those boys can be quite crazy! We were so afraid of the bugs that anytime something touched us we screamed in horror! So one boy decided to pick up some grass and tap our ankles with it! The kids are very sweet once you start to hangout with them! They LOVE jumprope! I stink at jumprope but they would jumprope with me anyway! The only bad thing about the Dominican really is the water! You have to brush your teeth with a water bottle! You cant sing in the shower because you would swallow the water! That was really hard for me!

Time to talk about i feel. My favorite part! Everyone always asks me if i am excited about the move and i say no. They always tell me it is going to be a blessing and  how i am going to make a difference in their lives but what i really want them to say is I  am going to miss you or maybe they can go themselves! I just want someone to say yeah i get it i wouldn’t want to go either! I wouldn`t be offended! i would be happy! I know this is a big step and everyone is so encouraging, but all i want to do is stay here! That took a lot off my chest! I have to go now! I love you all! and Merry Christmas ❤ ~Lexie

10 thoughts on “A POST FROM LEXIE

  1. Merry Christmas Lexie!! I wish you were here in Jax! I totally understand how you feel. When you grow up in a Navy family like I did, you get used to friends moving away. I remember crying so hard when my friend Susan left Jacksonville (and I was only about 5 or 6 years old). I’ll never get used to the idea of you guys being in a whole different country! I hope you’ll still be able to Facebook so we can see what you’re up to. How will I send you birthday presents? It’s a very brave thing you’re doing and I don’t blame you one bit for hesitating. I’m sure the last thing you want to hear is “trust me – you’ll be a better person for taking this journey with your parents.” You have more guts than I have, that’s for sure. I guess it’s time to trust the people that love you most, your mom and dad, and know that they are doing this not just to help others but to enrich your life in a way you can’t even see right now.

    Love you and give everyone hugs and kisses from me!
    Aunt Lisa

  2. Lexi you are very brave and we are going to miss you! I understand why you don’t want to go. It is not going to be easy And you know that very well. But I know that you are going to have a great year. And I am going to come see you in July. And when I come I know you’ll be speaking Spanish like a native. And you will have great stories to share. Remember you are never alone and always in my prayers.

  3. I can’t think of anyone better to go and represent the kingdom go God, you girls are so sweet and show the love of God, you all will be in our prayers regularly ….

  4. Ah Lexie I so understand. I was always afraid God would send me to Africa. I have a daughter who moved to the Dominican Republic for a year when she was 20. I missed her so much I just had to start going on mission trips to see her there! Your family may inspire more families to go on mission trips just to see YOU. I am glad you shared your feeling and your first mission trip with me . Donna Lundgren( Your bunk mate down below!)

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  5. Lexie, you are very brave to move so far away!! I have said a prayer for you. You will have some hard days, but you will also have some AMAZING days and you will grow to love it there. Hugs.

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