Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

This is for real !!


You guys have probably heard enough from me for awhile.  Mo and the girls are all going to do a guest post off and on from here on out.  Today…you will hear from Mo.  Enjoy!!!

Hello all.  As the other half of this union I am not accustomed to writing down feelings, emotions and just general stuff, so I begin with some trepidation.

We as a family are moving to the Dominican Republic to serve and to love its people. That’s it……..plain and simple….so we thought. We thought that we would just pick up and leave successful occupations. You see we bought into the whole concept of the ” American Dream ” and its allure. For me the irony of it all came to a head  when then President George Bush made sure we all got a tax refund that he wanted us all to go and spend. He wanted us to shop and be happy. Because we Americans are at our happiest when we are buying stuff !!

Four years later and here we are. There is a lot and I mean a lot that has gone in in those four years. But, I will make it easy for everyone reading this and only briefly give you a synopsis. Our family surrendered  to Christ. Thru that surrender a marriage has been saved, an addiction has been put into the light – with  ongoing healing, honesty is spoken, jobs have come, children are being raised with a Godly spirit and on and on. I think you get the picture. We are no longer seeking the American Dream as our modern society dictates. We are seeking ….we have found our calling and that is serving our Lord and our Lords people. For me the self serving and selfishness that was my life had me on a  road to disaster. I went thru life doing as society dictated and it quit working. You see I have no other option but to surrender and serve. Money and fame have not worked. Stuff has not worked . Masking feelings thru various addictions has not worked. Relationships with women real and unreal has not worked. Jesus is the only thing that works.

Our Lord has called us to serve him. Thru that service we will grow and help others grow in the Spirit of the Lord. I know some of you are thinking. How does one get called to serve the Lord in the Dominican Republic ? For us it was not an epiphany moment It was years of serving on short term mission trips, it was growing up in a Latin American culture, it was watching our children getting sucked into our ” me, me ,me ” culture. God had a plan for this long ago and has orchestrated the outcome as it looks today. I will in future writings clue you all in on some of the goings on and the reasons why. Let it suffice today that the Lord has us just where he wants us. In the mean time continue to read my wife’s blogs. Thru all of this she has  candidly and honestly chronicled our journey. She is way more elegant. Pray for us . We will be praying for all of you


6 thoughts on “This is for real !!

  1. Good luck Mo!
    You’ve always adapted and you will contiue to adapt!

  2. Thank you, Mo! This really hit home to me.

  3. So real, and so true you and your family are to be admired and lifted up in prayer for your courage and obedience, you are seeing the things that have true value. May Gods hand remain on you and bless you with true treasures that moth, rust or thiefs can not take away….

    Your neighbor .,.

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