Following our calling to the Dominican Republic



At any given time right now, my mind is filled with chatter…

“This box needs to go to storage…the kids are going to hate us forever for this…we need a dog crate for Z…we still haven’t baked goodies for our neighbors…I have put on 10 lbs. Guess trying to eat my feelings isn’t working?…I need a break. Ah, FB!  Look there’s a picture of her new baby/a cute little puppy/a giraffe wearing a Santa suit.  That’s funny!…I need to get the kitchen packed up…I need to finish Christmas shopping…Do we keep this, sell that, or donate this?…Which box does this go in: stateside or DR?…and so on and so on and so on”

In this middle of this chatter are also all of these emotions and stories in my head that jumble everything into a large heaping mess.  My head gets filled with words and emotions and excitement and anger and fear and confusion and stress…

…It’s not just me either.  Mo and the girls are filled with chatter.  There’s a lot going on in our house right now and tension and emotions are at an all time high!

Moving is stressful!  It doesn’t matter if you are moving down the street or to another state.  There is a lot that needs to be done.  NOW, add to it moving during the holidays.  Then add to that, the joy of moving to a 3rd world country!

Wednesday…I finally broke!

I called my best friend and said “I need you…NOW!”

Over a few glass of wine, I let all of the words and emotions and excitement and anger and fear and confusion and stress seep out all over her couch and bit of it onto the floor.  She didn’t try to clean it up or pretend it wasn’t there.  She just listened, poured me another glass of wine, and said “I understand”.  Then she told me how much she loved me…and how much God loved me.  She talked to me about the Gospel…and God’s love…and His strength.  She filled my mind and heart with God’s love and words.

She realized that I needed to just get it out…and I left it all right there on her couch and in the middle of her living room floor.  When I left, my mind was empty of worry and full of encouragement, my shoulders were relaxed, and I felt loved!  (Thanks, Rachel!  You are my lobster!)

This is a good lesson to all of us.  The stress of life can knock us down sometimes.  Yes, our strength comes from God.  What we also need to remember though is that we are all human with real human emotions.  We need to hold one another up and encourage one another with real meaning behind our words.  Do not use generic Christian platitudes/ cliches!  This is NOT “what Jesus would do” (Did ya see what I did there?…cliche/platitude)  Listen…encourage…support…THAT is what Jesus would do!  Do not add to the chatter in someone’s life.  Fill them with His words and His love and REAL meaning.

**Above all…I need to reduce the amount of chatter in my life right now.  I am taking a break from Facebook for a bit.  If you need me, I will be here packing boxes.  Feel free to call or text me…or come over and help!  I could REALLY use that right now!!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

4 thoughts on “Chatter

  1. glad friday turned into a day of peace and release for you. xo

  2. Love, Love Your Heart, Sweet Friend! And, as usual, your words are spot on!

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