Following our calling to the Dominican Republic


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embarrassed-300x225With the intention of being open and real on this blog about our journey, I have often felt vulnerable and exposed, like that dream where you go to high school…naked!  It is important that I share the bad, with the good.  It is important that those that read this see the ups and downs of this awesome experience.

In doing so you see sides of me that I would much prefer you not see or that I try to deny to myself even exist.  Like in yesterday’s post…where I showed a major minor character flaw.  Although we have had amazing support from so many people, I allow those few naysayers’ words to affect me and sometimes override all of the kind and supportive words of others.  When this happens, the verse Galatians 1:10 pops into my head:

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.


…and remember all of the times that something FREAKIN’ AMAZING happened!!!

At just the point where we are about to break…that we can’t take ONE. MORE. THING…..

…something completely awe-inspiring happens!  Something that you know could only be orchestrated by HIM!

angel-wingsI want to share what some of His angels have done! In this world that seems tainted and angry…where innocence is often taken too soon…I want to show you the absolute GOODNESS in people!

1)  One day when we were knee deep in all of our crap…literally…cleaning out our attic, our doorbell rang.  Standing on our doorstep crying was a friend and fellow real estate agent (from a different company than mine).  She told us how she believed in what we were doing.  She told us that she wanted to be a part of it.  She wanted to know that, when a life was touched, in the DR, she had helped plant a seed for it!  Then handed us a check for a very large amount to help plant that seed…to help finance our work there!  Wow!  How fabulously wonder is that? Thank you feels inadequate!

2) One weekend we got a call from a longtime friend and his wife (actually, he is an ex-boyfriend.  It’s ok to laugh. His wife and I find the humor in this too).  They wanted to come see us.  When they walked in, they had a VERY heavy suitcase.  We stood and talked for a bit before they even acknowledged “the elephant in the room”.  Inside that suitcase was almost $800 in change.  Both sides of their family had collected change for an entire year as a competition.  When they got together to count the change, they voted on which charity to donate the money.  They chose ours!!! Did you hear that…they chose us!!!  Seriously…that was the funnest bank deposit that we have ever made!  Thank you feels inadequate!

3) All of my wonderful Keller Williams Realty agents took up a collection to donate a very large amount to our mission organization!  The emotional and financial support offered by my office has been overwhelming.  They are showing that they practice the motto of KW: God first, then family, and the business!  I have been with that office for over 7 years, and they truly feel like family! Thank you feels inadequate!

4) MANY of you have bought stuff at our garage sales, bought so much of our crap treasures when I post them on FB, have given us cards expressing your support with a donation inside, or have just dropped a check in the mail to us.  I have NEVER experienced ANYTHING like this.  Thank you feels inadequate!

5) SO MANY of you have called, texted, sent FB messages or emails, or stopped me in public to encourage us and support us and hold us up in ways that you can’t even imagine!!! Thank you feels inadequate!

6) My family has offered to help me whenever I need them.  My in-loves have loved and supported us SO HARD AND SO LONG from so far away!  I cry as I type this.  Not one of them completely understood WHY we were doing this in the beginning…but now they do…and they are loving us in ways that they cannot even see!  Thank you feels inadequate!

This is my feeble attempt to show you that PEOPLE ARE GOOD…and LOVING…and KIND…and GENEROUS!  Like Mr. Rogers said:

“Look for the helpers.  You will always find people who are helping”

I see you people…when I choose to look beyond myself!  Thank you God for all of the wonderful people that you have put into our lives. Although…Thank you feels inadequate!

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