Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

26 and 43 days…


usa flag mapWe have 26 more days in TN and 43 more days in the US.  So many emotions!!!

Yesterday, when we were leaving church, Mo said “THIS is the hardest part”.  When I asked him how he meant that, he explained that we are ready to go but we are still here.  Our hearts are in another country.  We love the US but are ready to serve the people of the Dominican Republic.  We are ready to see what God wants from us and where He wants to lead us.  We are wrapping up our businesses, selling off our things, and making plans…LOTS of plans, and we are still HERE…and not THERE.

While everyone has been uber supportive throughout this whole journey, we have been feeling resistance, judgement, and naysaying these past couple of weeks. I told someone at church yesterday that I have been wanting to avoid church because it’s difficult to hear some of the things that some of the women have been saying to me.  I told her that I have actually wanted to avoid everyone because I don’t need any negativity right now.  She quickly pointed out that was Satan.  That, in his mean spirit, he wanted to isolate me so that he could whisper lies into me.

I am embarrassed to say that it has been working at times.  I am embarrassed to admit that I feel fragile right now…that I have times that I quietly and secretly in my lowest whisper, so that I can’t even hear it myself, say “What the mess are we doing?”…and “Can we really do this?”…and so many other things…

…because THIS is the hardest times!


Isaiah 41:10  “Fear not, for I am with you;  be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you,  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”

When we were talking, I told Mo that I think this was the MOST important time as well.  This was God’ Boot Camp for us.  As a soldier prepares for battle, he must go into intensive training  This is our training.  God has been preparing our hearts on so many things but THIS…THIS IS THE BIGGIE.  This is the time where our hearts ache for Him…where our strength and assurance can ONLY come from Him…where He is here to catch us when we fall and wipe our tears away.  He is here to encourage us and say…

“You are doing the right thing.  I called you to this because I see in you what you don’t see in yourselves.  I called you, and I will be your strength”

Prayers…lot of prayers please!

***I know that I said that I would tell you about some amazing things that have been happening, and I will tomorrow!


Have you ever had a time that you wondered how you would make it through?  What did God speak into your heart?  What lessons were learned?

4 thoughts on “26 and 43 days…

  1. Tamara, Mo, Lexie and Lauren!! I’ve never been much into the “Church Thing” but please don’t take my comments wrong because of that. Ever since I read about this mission you guys are on I racked my brain as to why?? I would read Tamara’s posts on FB and reference back to the people(you all) that we knew from the neighborhood here in Brandermill and figured this new life was going to be a “stretch” for you guys. As time went by and I got my head more into what you were up to, I realized how Damn brave you all are! I REALLY don’t know about how God is talking to you or guiding you, but my gut tells me you guys are doing the right thing. Oh yes it is tough leaving everything you ever knew and heading to another culture, but I think of how MUCH you will grow from your new experiences in the DR. How you are and will be learning new languages, ways of doing things, new perspectives on everything, surroundings,expanding your beliefs, etc.. What an AMAZING opportunity to grow spiritually,emotionally and culturally from what we in the US are all programmed to be. Not that we can’t branch out here in this great land, but your experiences will be more raw and diverse than if you remain in the States.

    Tamara…I sense you’re verbalizing for all, but also a lot of your deep feelings are bubbling up on you. My man Mo is probably ready to head out the door and can give two s#%ts about what is being said, but it is more of the “female thing” that you are going through with the “Church Ladies” talk. Hey I should be an expert on the girl talk thing as you know I’m completely surrounded by women!! I’ll be straight with you young lady(yes you are young to me)….I think what you guys are doing is a good thing and you should go enjoy the experience and Don’t look back!!! Maybe The Gig Man was our “message from God” who knows, but we as a group are focused and more purposed ever since she came into our lives!

    I look forward to hearing from you guys about the new life and hope you don’t mind my little “kick in your butt” message. I’m proud of all of you and get a kick out of your postings. I guess I’m really a girl at heart!!

    Love you guys,


    • Val,
      I am literally laughing out loud at your comment! I love you guys…and I love the fact that you knew us BEFORE! Thanks for the kick in the butt and the encouragement. Would love to see you guys again someday and am enjoying keeping up with your busy family on FB!

  2. This has to be the most awesome phrase I have read to date. ( She quickly pointed out that was Satan. That, in his mean spirit, he wanted to isolate me so that he could whisper lies into me. ) Thank you so much for sharing all this with us. I wish I had started reading this a LONG time ago!!

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