Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Mind Dump


Oh my goodness…so much is going on!  We are so excited and stressed out that we don’t know whether to jump up and down or lay down from exhaustion!  In a moments notice, I can go from laughing…to crying…to yelling!  Please hold tight and extend additional grace right now.

My main goal of this blog was to document our journey for us…and, hopefully, help someone else that has accepted a similar calling to move to a foreign country to become a missionary.  There is no book for this.  I have no idea how the “right” way to do this is supposed to look.

These are the things on my mind and going on in our life:

*Tentatively our move from TN date is the 12th of January.  We will then go to FL to visit with Mo’s family until our cargo plane, with MFI (Missionary Flights International), leaves on January 29th.

*We are crazy overwhelmed with stress and excitement right now.  We are trying to get rid of what we need to get rid of, pack what we need to put in storage,  and pack what we need to take with us.  (It costs us $1.50 per pound for everything that we take so we are being extremely selective about what goes to the DR with us)  THIS IS OVERWHELMING AND EXHAUSTING!

*We are working on buying a car…sight unseen!  Our friends in Santo Domingo are helping with this, and we have lots of trust and faith in them.  We are trying to figure out the logistics of how we are going to get our car from Santo Domingo to Santiago, where our plane lands with us and all of our stuff.  One word: mindsplitting!

*Once again, YES, we are taking our kids with us! I am shocked when people ask this question…allllll 15 gazillion times that it has been asked.  We are also taking our dogs with us.  Not really sure how they are going to do with that…but they need us and we need them.  They are part of our family! :O)

*The house in La Represa is going up quickly.  It has been so exciting to see it built…even if it is only through pictures.  We can’t wait to see it in person.

*Our personal home has not sold yet…even though we have drastically dropped the price.  I am not stressed about this though.  All along, we have known that God has a plan for this.  If it’s meant to sell, it will sell.  If not, we will rent it.  If it rents, then He has a reason that He needs us to hold onto it.

*Many people have asked “How does one decide to move to the DR?”  For us, it wasn’t a “decision” per se.  It may be easier just to read about it here: Why we are moving to the DR

*These “goodbyes” and “last times” are just sooooo hard!  God has put some insanely amazing people in my life.  I realize how much we am going to miss our college small group, how I will miss the two college girls that meet with me twice a month for coffee, support, and fellowship, our small group bible study, my co-agents at Keller Williams Realty, and OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!

*What we need right now:

-Just going to lay this out there…I have had several instances lately where people have openly questioned our decision, our ability to be witnesses to others, how we are saying/doing things wrong, and even told us what we needed to be doing in various areas of our life.

I am trying to glorify God in all of the chaos that is my life right now.  Somedays, though, I can’t see outside of my human flesh and emotions…and that is ok!  God does not expect me to be perfect or have the right answer or respond appropriately to every situation.

I have been leaning heavy on Him to get me through this time that feels like judgement.  My natural instinct is neither be kind or grace-filled!  Thankfully, HIS IS!  Each time, I hear Him say “Seek me first!”  So I do…and, for that, I will probably still be welcomed back into this city someday.  I pray that God is using us through this to touch others for His glory…whatever that may look like.

That all being said, THIS is what we need:  We need to be held up and encouraged.  We need friends to say “I understand” or “Me too” …or how about “What can I do to help?”  

-MOST IMPORTANTLY, we need your prayers…and lots of them!!!  We need to be blanketed in them!  Our biggest concern through ALL of this has been our girls.  To ask 12 and 13 year old girls to give up a very comfortable lifestyle to move to a 3rd world country has been very difficult.  This was not a decision that we made lightly. This was also not a decision that we made because we thought it would be exciting or glamorous or adventurous.  This was not a decision that happened overnight.  This is a decision that we spent MANY months in prayer and discussion over…and each time, it was mostly for the concern of our children.  Could you please just cover them with pray right now?  Pray that God continues to comfort their hearts.

-Lastly…and this is definitely the most difficult for us…we need financial support.  We are faith-based missionaries.  Our church has been wonderful by offering us a beautiful home to live in and a small monthly stipend.  However, we will not be receiving enough to cover our monthly living expenses.  We will still need to pay our own health and life insurance.  We will need to buy our own car and motorcycle (Gas is $6 a gallon so the car will only be used to travel outside of the village.  We will get around in the village either on foot or motorcycle).  As mentioned above, we have to pay $1.50 per lb to get our belongings into the country.  Those are a lot of BIG expenses right off the top!  I know that it is Christmas and money is tight for everyone.  However, if you have a little extra or feel lead to donate, then click that little button over there ——————>

**On my next post, I am EXCITED to tell you about a few wonderful experiences that we have had lately!!!

***Also, still working on “Our Story”….it’s going at a snail’s pace!

2 thoughts on “Mind Dump

  1. Your commitment to your beliefs and your family will see you through this new chapter! As far as a 3rd world country goes, look what our own country is turning into. Mall shootings, school shooting, horrible violence everywhere you look. Maybe this is a perfect time to go to a 3rd world country!

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