Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Home is where the heart is


Currently, this is our home.

We have lived here for 6 years.  We have literally watched our children grow up here.  (I have begged them to stop doing that but, you know how kids are, they just don’t listen)  We have celebrated holidays with family and friends here.  We have celebrated birthdays…and victories…and love here.

We have fought here.  We have failed…and cried here.  We have hurt…and hurt others here.  We have gone through the toughest times of our life here…

…and we met Christ here.

I often say “We didn’t find Christ because He wasn’t the one that was lost. We were.”  So maybe, He found us here.  He saw our broken lives and marriage, and He took His love, forgiveness, and grace and wrapped it completely around our four walls…and intertwined it into our hearts.

We now call this place home.  Not because of the fancy amenities that it offers…like electricity and clean drinking water.  We call it home because this is where a family lives that has learned love, forgiveness, and grace.

This is the beginning of our new home…and I think it’s the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen!

This home represents a new beginning…a place where new lessons will be learned…a place where we will learn love, forgiveness, and grace in a whole new way!

So many people have said that the contrast between the two is incredible.  As much as I see the aesthetics comparison, I can’t really see anything beyond that…

…I see a house that will become a home to a family that wants to be love to others…and to be loved in return.

Look around…do you see my new neighbors’ homes?  How exciting is that?

It’s so cute! Here’s more pictures:

4 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is

  1. Beautiful beginning of the story. You have captured my attention and I want more to read! I would place a Bible when they pour the foundation of the new house…..signifying that you are building your new house on the Word of God. It is after all the reason you are there. You trust in Him, depend on Him and most of love Him……your sacrifice and obiendience shows just that! May God richly bless you as you touch lives with his Word, His love, His healing hands.

    With utmost love and respect,
    LeAnn McCord

    • LeAnn, thank you so much. Chad and you were such a good example of true Christ followers when I “wasn’t quite there yet”. Thank you for that. I love the idea of the Bible. Our church is building this house as a missionary home and we get to be the 1st missionaries to live here! I am going to talk to our missions’ pastor about putting the bible in there. Thanks for your support!

  2. I came here through Momastery, and I just say you have intrigued me and I can’t wait to hear more! Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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