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Our story

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

A few months back,  I felt like God was nudging me to tell “our story”…

…When I mentioned this to Mo, he said “I’m not ready yet”.

Then a couple of days later, I met the pastor at a church in town.  Somehow I ended up telling him “our story”.  He asked if I had written it down (which I hadn’t) because he would like to share it with his congregation.  For some reason, I said “I wouldn’t mind coming to your church and telling it though”.  Ugh…me and my big mouth!

…I went back to Mo and told him that a church wanted us to tell “our story”.  Once again, he said “I’m not ready yet”…

…A couple of days later Mo went to an event where Angus Buchan spoke.  He said that Angus kept saying “Tell your story, tell your story, tell your story..”

…Mo came home and said “I guess it’s time to tell our story…”

During my last mission trip, one of the ladies wanted to bring her 12 yr old daughter to women’s ministry to help.  I was telling “my story” that day and felt uncomfortable allowing her daughter to hear it.  She said “Don’t worry about it.  We are very open about ‘our story’ with our kids.  Nothing will surprise them.”

I said “Well…you have never heard ‘my story’….

She just looked at me and said “No, I haven’t but my kids have heard….” And she went on to tell me “her story” of hurt, brokenness, and redemption.

As her words sunk in, it dawned on me…”My story” wasn’t special!

My story wasn’t any worse than anyone else’s.  The difference was that I was the one carrying the guilt and shame for it.  It also dawned on me that…

…it was time to let go of that guilt and shame…

…and tell “my story” so that people could see how God can redeem all of us…

…and use our story to show how He often uses the most broken for His plan.

God’s purpose in all of our stories are no different than anyone else’s.  He allows us to make our own choices, good or bad, to allow us to experience the consequences of those choices…

So that, in the end, I would reach to Him for my strength, and in the end…

…He would redeem me!

I was broken but He pulled me from my rubble and set me on stable ground.  If I do not tell “my story” of complete brokenness and despair, then I will not be glorifying Him.

Be patient with us, folks…

…we are working on telling “our story”…

…be watching for it in the next couple of days…

***We are also looking for churches, small groups, or events where we can share our story and talk about missions.  Please let me know if you have would like for us to come speak.***

~~~~What’s your story?  I would love to hear it.  If you don’t feel comfortable sharing it in the comments, feel free to email me at

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