Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Our son…


This is the text that I received the other day from my husband.

What does this mean?

Several months ago, I was reading a blog from a missionary family that have been residing and serving in Haiti for 6 years.  They have adopted 3 children from Haiti.  (Here is a link to their blog: Livesay Haiti.  They are doing some pretty amazing things to spread God’s word and show God’s love to the people of Haiti.)

So, I was reading their blog, when suddenly I heard this voice, as clear as if you whispered in my ear, say “You are going to adopt a child in the Dominican”.  I sat there for a second and thought about this.  Then, I told Mo what just happened.  His response? …

“You aren’t going to believe this.  I was driving down the road the other day and heard the same thing!”


…THEN we went to church that Sunday.  You know how MOST of the time when your pastor starts preaching about adoption, he says stuff like “If you feel it in your heart to adopt, pray about it and God will lead the way” (or something like that because it is encouraging for those that SEEK OUT adoption)…

…Nope, not this sermon!  He said…and I quote…”If God tells you to adopt, then you adopt”!  Yeah…and he said it TWICE!

*side note: Some day I am going to find that hidden camera that my pastor had installed in my house and destroy it.  I know it’s there because too many Sundays he preaches about the struggles in my house!

I love adoption.  I think it is the most wonderful thing for OTHER PEOPLE to do.  I love to see families that are formed together by adoption.  I love that God chooses each of us to parent the children that we were chosen for, whether it is biological or by adoption…

…Here’s where my confusion lies…

I have ALL the kids that I want.  Everyone that knows me knows that my heart is completely full with the TWO that I have.  I have often said “When I am alone, I have 2 eyes and 2 hands.  When Mo and I are together, there are 2 of us…NEVER get outnumbered”

So, I did what any good Christian woman is suppose to do…I prayed…and it went something like this…

“Dear God,

First, I want to say thank you for all of your blessings and I love you.

Next, we need to talk!  Do you remember how you asked our family to move to a 3rd world country and we said “yes”?  Do you remember how you said “Sell your crap and follow me and we said “yes” again?  Well, I am super cool with all of that and very excited to see how this all plays our for your glory and want to thank you again for the opportunity to be part of that.  However, I *think* that you are asking something super duper hard now!  I am old and my husband is even older and we have 2 beautiful kids.  I really love how we are a family of 4 because it makes it much easier to do things like:  ride roller coasters because no one is left to ride alone (which can be pretty darn traumatic for a kid), and rent hotel rooms because then no one has to sleep alone in the floor while everyone else has a super cozy bed.  Plus, it makes it hard on me to figure out which child has to be the “odd man out”.  So JUST for these reasons alone, we probably shouldn’t do this.  Okaaaay?  I promise to go to the DR and love up on all of your those beautiful coffee colored babies and tell them all about you and your love and your grace and…well, just all the wonderful things about you.  Just PLEAAAASSSEE (in my whiniest voice) let me send them home to their own houses.  Also, my husband keeps calling this new child of ours a SON.  Keep in mind that, if your plan *happens* to be better than mine and you think that there is a baby out there that you created just for our family, you also created me to be a GIRL mom, remember???  That is all.  I love you and thanks again for loving me even though I am a complete mess…and be with those that are sick.   Amen”

Then, I felt Him smile down at me and say “You are a hot mess, Tamara!  I love you anyway.  Now, go read Matthew 18:5

Touche, God, touche…

6 thoughts on “Our son…

  1. WOW!! I can totally relate to your feelings…it is one of my fears that GOD will place that burden on Dean’s heart…lol.. He came home the other day and started talking about Foster kids and I literally in my mind was already talking to GOD and holding my breathe on the issue…lol. I think you guys are amazing and Im so proud to call you both friends! I will be praying for you guys as you look down this road!!

  2. I just cried! I have always wanted both of these things to happen. A clear message from God, and to adopt.

    You will be a wonderful mother to a boy. You were always great with my boys, and you and Mo are amazing people.

    • I am still not sure that it is a clear message…and I am going with the “God just wants to know that your heart is open”…but that He really has someone different than me that He has in mind. Thanks for your support, Paula! Before we leave the states, we will be visiting family in FL. Maybe we can see each other.

  3. I love you Tamara! and I love this blog! so my response is this… since your argument is that one more child would make your family numbers uneven… maybe just maybe God has planned for you to adopt 2! Just kidding… but keep writing because you have such a beautiful heart for God and for the wonderful children in the DR. They have no idea what is coming their way when you, Mo, Lauren and Lexie get there. It is going to be a wild ride and I can’t wait to ride along! Praying for you always.


    • Ok, Regina…and I thought we were friends! LOL! My first thought is…then there would be 2 kids sleeping in the floor and someone would trip over them! See…still won’t work. Thanks for your support, friend! :O)

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