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The Trip- Part 2…and a semi-automatic


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Sorry it has taken so long to follow-up.  I have struggled to get back into the swing of things here in the states.

So, where were we?

Yes…so I took a bus from Santo Domingo to Altamira to see my friends that live there.   What an interesting experience that was!  Taking a bus in a foreign country in which I do not speak the language well AT ALL was a bit anxiety inducing.  The bus ride was about 3.5 hours.  There were 2 gentlemen on the bus that were kind enough to make sure that I didn’t miss my stop.

It wasn’t too bad, and my friends picked me up at the bus stop.  Kelly, Shawn, and their 2 children have been missionaries in the Dominican for 2 years now.  Their mission organization is Three Sixteen Missions.  Their mission is to love on their community in whatever way that God calls them to do.  Check out their website to see all the projects they have done.  They were incredibly generous and helpful with all the gazillion questions that I had for them.  It was nice to get to experience what day to day “missionary life” was like.

The Fernandez Family

Since my first visit to the DR, I heard the women talking about how difficult laundry is to do there…and something about a semi-automatic washing machine.  While visiting my friends, I needed to do laundry…so I finally understood what all the fuss was about…

Friends…meet the semi-automatic washing machine…

The beast!

Here’s how it works:  You turn on the water hose to fill up the left side and add detergent to the water.  (*Sidenote: if yours is not hooked up to water, then you have to fill it up with buckets of water.)  Turn it on to wash the clothes.  When the cycle is over, pull the clothes out of the water and put them into the tub on the right.  This is the spin cycle.  While the clothes are spinning, drain the water in the tub on the left.  Then fill it up again.  You can add fabric softener if you like.  When the clothes are finished spinning, pull them out and put them in the tub on the left.  This is the rinse cycle.  Once this is done, pull them out of the water again and put them in the tub on the right.  Once they are done spinning, take them outside and hang them to dry.  Yeah, you got it…they are no clothes dryers!  So…THIS is how laundry will be done.  I need energy already!  In all seriousness, it wasn’t THAT bad…

Plus, after the bus ride and the laundry experience, I have learned that I CAN DO HARD THINGS…happily!!!

I stayed with my friends for about 4 days then took the bus back down to Santo Domingo to visit another missionary friend and her family.  Melanie works with World Servants.  She takes care of the mission groups from our church and was kind enough to let me stay with them in the Capitol City for a couple of days.  We visited a private Christian school there that I absolutely fell in love with!!!  I would LOVE for my children to get that experience of going there.

While visiting the Capitol, I was surprised to see a Krispy Kreme, an IKEA, and numerous American chain restaurants.  We actually went to eat at Chili’s one night.  This was a nice surprise.

As much as I loved visiting the Capitol…

…and I realized that life would be MUCH easier there…

…In the end, Mo and I have decided that living in the village of La Represa is truly where we feel that God is leading us. Our church will be building a missionary house there in which we can live.   It won’t be easy but…WE CAN DO HARD THINGS…

…And we can always drive into Santo Domingo for a Krispy Kreme donut if things get too hard! :O)

3 thoughts on “The Trip- Part 2…and a semi-automatic

  1. Yes you can do hard things! Love you girl! Praying daily for you guys!

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