Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

The Trip- Part 1

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Not sure why this post has been so difficult for me to type…

…I couldn’t get myself to do it…

…or talk about it when people asked.

Maybe I wanted to just keep it sacred inside myself…

This trip to the Dominican Republic had many purposes for our family.  What began as a fact finding mission turned into a soul searching journey…

When Mo went to the DR a few weeks back, he felt that God was showing him that we needed to live in La Represa, as opposed to Santo Domingo.  He felt that we would be more useful in the village having daily relationships with the community.  Life would be much more difficult there than Santo Domingo.  Quite honestly, that scared me and delighted me all at the same time.

Each mission trip that I go on changes me…in so many ways…for the better.  God speaks deep into my heart…gently pushing me each time to let go…let go of more of me…to make room for more of Him.  This letting go…this “seeing” me with raw eyes…breaks me down each time…just to build me back up on a firmer foundation.

As I mentioned before, the group that I served with just amazed me!  People from all different walks of life with one purpose in their hearts:  To serve!

We worked on building the walls for another part of the school.  The rooms that we built will serve for a computer room, a science room (I think), and additional restrooms.  By adding these rooms, the school will be able to add an 8th grade.

THIS is what love looks like.  Meet Ramon and Amelia.  They love on everyone in the village.  Amelia made sweet rice for us one day.  My mouth waters just thinking about it…it was so good!

Meet Marilee, Scarlett, and Rocio.  They are just three of the ladies that came to our Women’s Ministry.  The first day we worked on crocheting, and the next day we made these cute crosses.  These ladies weren’t much different than the ladies in the US (except their chores are much harder).  They loved this time to get a break from their responsibilities, make something pretty, and fellowship with other women.

This is Carla.  Don’t you just love her little pom-pom pigtails?  Every time she saw me, she would just run up and give me a kiss.  She sat with me during church service on Sunday.  Her mom tried to get her because she thought that Carla was bugging me (which she most certainly wasn’t).  Carla told her mom that she wanted to sit in my lap.  Who am I to say no to that cute little face? :O)

This is Pastor Thomas

After the group left on Saturday, I stayed in the village with the pastor’s family for an additional three days.  I loved spending that time to see how they live day-to-day.  What surprised me was how truly close the community is.  I learned that you share what you have!  When you cook dinner, you cook additional food to share with your neighbors.  I learned that, if you don’t have enough room in your house for everyone to sleep, then one of your neighbors will gladly take someone in for the night.  Like Nike says, you “Just Do It”…because it’s the right thing to do…and you do it with a happy heart.  I kinda love that, don’t you?

As I mentioned, this trip was for me to see if I think I could live in the village or in Santo Domingo, and to visit with some missionary friends to see what missionary life is like.

Part one of the trip was up…now, on to Santo Domingo to the bus station.

What to do? What to do?

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