Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Glass plates



Sometimes they feel like just words…and other times they reach into the depths of my soul…

and remind me of my purpose…

…and who Christ designed me to be.

This trip has been that for me.  I was honored to serve on the mission field last week with some of the most incredible people that I have ever met.  Learning their stories and watching each of them pour into others humbled me.  Most of them were high school students that understand life and giving more than I ever could.  I learned so much from them…and the adults that served as well.

Then I went into La Represa to stay with the pastor’s family…by myself…with my incredibly broken, and often unsuccessful, Spanish.  It is true though…LOVE bridges the gap.

I know that I have NEVER been as humbled and broken as I was the first day that I was there.

As we were preparing to eat, the pastor’s wife began to serve me.  SHE  put MY food on glass plates…each item on a different plate with an actual glass for my drink.  When she finally sat down with me, her food was in a styrofoam bowl…each item all together…and a plastic glass.

Suddenly, I couldn’t eat.  Looking at my glass plates and her styrofoam bowl just brought tears to my eyes.  I have never felt less worthy of anyone’s respect.  I wanted to switch places with her and say “You have it all wrong.”

As the tears began to flow from my eyes, a huge lump made it difficult for me to swallow…

…I am pretty sure that was my pride doing down…

2 thoughts on “Glass plates

  1. wow! tamara – very humbling.

  2. nose is burning… big tears welling and getting ready to flow. Love You, Sister!

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