Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Riding on a Bus with Chickens…

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Bus in Santo Domingo

I will be leaving Saturday for the Dominican for 2 weeks…and I am ridiculously excited!!!

The first week I will be with our church group for a mission trip.  It will be nice to be back in the La Represa community…to love on them…and to serve them.  I realized the other day how much I am missing them and have been looking back on the July mission trip pictures a lot lately.  It’s amazing to see how God has planted so many seeds in our hearts for this community.

After the group leaves, I will stay another week.  This will be an opportunity for me to have a small dose of what our life will be like when we move.

I will stay with Pastor Tomas and his family in La Represa for a couple of days…with no translator…or my hubby who speaks fluent Spanish.  I am actually excited about this.  It is definitely outside of my comfort zone, and think this will give me a “feel” for what it would be like to live there.  From what I understand, there has never been an American family to live in the village.  We are still praying and deciding whether we will be living in the city of Santo Domingo or the village of La Represa.  In our hearts, we feel that we have the answer.  I am really hoping and praying and asking God to comfort my heart and take away many of my fears on this decision.  We really believe that He is leading us to live in La Represa.  My prayer for this visit is that God makes this clear.

After that, I will go to Santo Domingo and take a bus 4 hours north to visit our friends that are missionaries near Puerto Plata.  This is kinda a big deal to me.  I was telling my daughters that I will be taking a bus ALL BY MYSELF all the way to Altamira, and that I felt so brave like Indiana Jones or Dora the Explorer.  My youngest daughter could care less about my bravery.  Her first question was “Are you going to get to ride on a bus with people holding chickens?”  Hmmm….really?  Love, love, love the innocence of children!!!

I am so excited to get to visit with my new friends, and also see what life as a missionary looks like.  They have been super busy building chicken coops this past week.  They have several different projects that they do to help improve the lives of their friends in their village.  You should go over and check out their mission’s webpage at Three Sixteen Missions or “like” them on Facebook at Three Sixteen Missions .  They are doing some amazing things and generally just loving on their community!

To end the trip, I will stay the last few days/nights in Santo Domingo with our mission’s guide, Melanie and her family.  This will give me an opportunity to see what “city” life would be like, if this is where we end up living.  It will be interesting to see the differences in the two “homes”.

If you can, please pray for my family and me over the next few weeks.  Pray that God makes our decision clear and gives us peace in our hearts about the decision.  Please and thank you!!!

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