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Why I wish life was like Facebook…


Today was a rough day.  Actually, this week has been a rough week.  As the time to move gets closer, my emotions are changing like the wind.  Not having someone living near me that has done this before, I have no guide on “what to expect next”.  So, I am just swimming through it…getting it “right” one day…then “wrong” the next day.  Some days I swim, and some days I sink completely to the bottom.

Something happened in real life today…and I let it trickle onto Facebook.  Normally, I don’t take my anger to FB.  It feels passive/aggressive…which is just an easy way out for me.  A way that I am trying to change.  A way that really never solves anything for me.

I had a friend immediately text me to ask if my post was about her post.  Then it dawned on me…many people could be reading this and think it’s about them too.  Then, I have all these people thinking that I am mad at them…blah, blah, blah!  See…it solves nothing!  In actuality, it’s not the easy way out.  As opposed to addressing the person that hurt me directly and dealing with one friend, now I have numerous friends thinking that I might be mad at them. (If I upset you, I am sorry)

So…I deleted my comment.

Don’t you wish that life was like FB?  If you say something wrong or make a mistake…you just delete it.  How many times have you been in a conversation and someone says something and you don’t know how to respond?  Well, if life was like FB, then you would have a few “tries” before responding.  On FB, you can type something out.  If it doesn’t sound right, you just delete it and try again until it feels right.

The only flaw with my plan (yeah, right, there is only one flaw) is that, on FB, the words are already out  there…people have already seen them…and felt them…and possibly been hurt by them…even if you delete them.  These are humans with human emotions where mistakes are not always forgiven and feelings get hurt.

That’s what I love about God.  He sees ALL of my comments…the ones that are spoken aloud or written…and the ones on my heart that only He and I can hear.  Somehow, He forgives me EVERY time.  Then He reminds me:

“Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger” James 1:19

Keeping my anger and words in check would probably be a better choice than turning life into FB…and there will be a whole lot less “poking” going on too!

2 thoughts on “Why I wish life was like Facebook…

  1. i can learn a lesson from you once again my friend…..some deep thinking in these words and alot of food for thought…thanks for writing this it spoke to me

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