Following our calling to the Dominican Republic



Things have been a bit “heavy” here on my blog lately.  Quite frankly, I need a break from it!  Yes, God is STILL working on me fixing all the junk that needs to be fixed…blah, blah, blah.  However, I think I have failed to mention that there are lots of good stuff that He’s leaving…like my charming personality, incredible sense of humor…and, most importantly, my humility! :O)

Anyway…moving on…

I am recovering from a bad case of Stuffitis.  It started many years ago.  In fact, I didn’t even realize it was a problem until about a year ago.  Once diagnosed, I searched for a quick remedy.  Surely there was a pill or ointment that I could take that would clear that nasty thing right up.  No such luck!

The bad thing about Stuffitis is that it is EXTREMELY contagious.  You can catch it from your neighbor, your best friend, a family member, or even complete strangers.  If you ever catch yourself thinking “So and so got X, and I really like it…so now I need X”, then you just might have Stuffitis!  It is a progressive disease.  The next thing you know, you will start to think “I need this other thing because it’s pretty…and shiny…and it will make me feel good”.  Stuffitis is tricky that way!

The problem is when you stop and look at all the crazy stuff that you just HAD to have…and IT STARTS TO SUFFOCATE YOU.  That’s when you know it’s time to find a cure.  About a year ago is when my recovery started. Slowly, we have been ridding ourself of ourself!  However, we still have a ways to go…

When you are moving out of the country and trying to get rid of your crap…you find some pretty interesting stuff that you think:

A) What the mess?

B) How can I possibly get rid of this?

C) Why did I think I needed 2…or 3…or more of these?

Seriously, some of this stuff is too embarrassing to post…but some of it is just plain hilarious!  Below is some of the craziness that I found in my attic.  Enjoy!

Seriously…this is a trophy for MY DOG!!!  He won Mr. Barkaroo in 2009.  He was a PUPPY…so, of course he won!  How can someone NOT vote for a cute little puppy?!  It’s not like he had to some amazing trick or even sit still to win.  Somehow, though, we thought it worthy of keeping his trophy! Whatevs…

I can’t decide what to do with this thing!  It’s a ventriloquist doll that belonged to my grandmother.  Yeah, he’s a bit creepy, right?!  I don’t even know how to do ventriloquism and neither did my grandmother!  He has been sitting in his box in my attic for years…but I can’t seem to just let go of him!

Crissy Dolls…also, compliments of my grandmother!  She even made their cute little dresses!  Here’s the funny part…MY KIDS ARE TERRIFIED OF THEM!!!  They have been my secret weapon for so many years that I hate to get rid of them.  You know…when your kids are acting up or arguing…and then you say “You better straighten up or I am going to make you sleep with one of those Crissy Dolls”.  Works like a charm EVERY TIME!  Ok, and here is how sick and twisted that I really am…I secretly want to take them to the Dominican.  I can set one up outside…then ask one of the kids to go outside and get something for me.  Or, they can wake up to one of them sitting on the end of their bed or peering into their window.  Not that I would because that would just be wrong!  Yeah, no therapy would be needed for that AT ALL!

Then there is the computer graveyard…where you have all of these computers that have valuable pictures of your kids in them because you are that sucky mom that doesn’t actually remember to get them printed but then you plan on getting the pictures put on these disk but aren’t computer competent enough to actually do it so you plan to take it somewhere to get it done but then you never do that either!  Yeah, that computer graveyard!

Hope you enjoyed what is my craziness right now!  Luckily, I am recovered from Stuffitis and am actually excited to get rid of all this stuff.  I am imagining the freedom that I will feel once it’s all gone.


2 thoughts on “Stuffitis

  1. okay, i hope you don’t mind, but i just reposted this blog to my page. too much fun NOT to share!

    the craziest thing in our attic (before we moved here) was a full-size clinical skeleton! richie’s mother used to work at a small university that closed down. they got rid of all this medical stuff. we’ve moved and moved and MOVED with that creepy thing for years, but not anymore. we donated it to the boys school in s.c. for the anatomy class. 🙂

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