Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Now that I have caught my breath…


I know that I promised to give an update like 2 days ago.  I just haven’t been able to put into the words the wonderfulness…and scariness..and excitement that has been going on.  Plus, I needed to wait until Mo was home so that we could really talk about everything…AND I REALLY NEEDED TO JUST CATCH MY BREATH!

Mo went to the Dominican with our missions’ pastor for a couple of meetings and to check out the schools and houses in the Santo Domingo…because we are moving to Santo Domingo, right?!!!  While there, he found the “ideal” international school.  He said that it would be a dream for our girls to be able to go there.  At $7000, a year…we would all be dreaming!  Then he went to a bilingual school that is run by family members of a missionary that we know in Santo Domingo.  He said that it is really great and that a lot of missionary kids go to the school.  The girls could have common ground with them.  ALSO…big ALSO…they have suggested that I teach there! I have a teaching degree and taught inner city kids in 1st/2nd grade for 7 years.  Apparently, there is a great need for English speaking teachers.  The GR-8 part of this is that I would get a salary but also a discount for the girls to attend there.  Win/win, right?

He looked around the area at some homes.  He was surprised at how big Santo Domingo is and how loud it is.  The parks around the area are ideal for running and biking, which is a passion for both of us.  They are also great to take the kids and the dogs.

Parque Mirador Del Sur

By the end of the week, they left Santo Domingo and stayed in the village of La Represa.  This is the area that our church has partnered with for several years.  We helped develop a school, a tilapia farm, a brick factory, and  a water purification system.  THIS is where the large majority of our work  will be done.

La Represa

All along, Mo has been adamant that he had NO desire to live there.  The area does not have a grocery store.  You are not guaranteed to have water everyday…or electricity.  It would not be EASY to live here.  THIS would definitely feel more like a sacrifice than living in Santo Domingo.

La Represa

But the people…oh, the people!  They are so wonderful…and loving…and thankful…and content.  My heart fell in love with them when I was there in July.  Somehow, I always knew that we would eventually live among them…

La Represa

After spending this time with them this past week, Mo’s heart feels the same way…

Meet Flana

So now…things look a WHOLE lot different!

If we moved there, the girls would go to a completely Spanish speaking school for a couple of hours a day then be home schooled, by both Mo and me, after that.  By living here, we would be able to be in complete relationship with the people that our church is serving.  We could really get to know the community so that we could serve them more effectively.

The school in La Represa

The school has suggested that I teach there.  I will find out more about it when I go at the end of the month.  Pastor Thomas and Sonya, that run the school, are super excited to offer an American english-speaking teacher for their students.  THAT warms my heart!  It warms my heart that God is showing me a place where he can use me!  I can bless these babies with the English language.  And…oh…the ways that they will bless me!  How is it possible that this is happening to our family? How is it possible that we are being given this opportunity?

How can you say no to this face?

Most of my friends know that I was DONE with teaching.  I jokingly said recently that God would really have a funny sense of humor if he, not only moved me to a foreign country, but also made me teach!  Well, he knows our gifts and wants us to use them…even when we want to hide them and keep them to ourselves!

La Represa

Now, before I start sounding too saintly…this has not been an easy decision and is not completely set in stone yet.  I will visit at the end of September.  There are a group of us from the church going down for a mission trip.  I will stay a couple of days after everyone to get a feel for what my life will be like.

This is what my heart has secretly desired…and, also, what has secretly filled me with so much fear!  Pray that God continues to soften our hearts and steals them for this community!

2 thoughts on “Now that I have caught my breath…

  1. so happy and proud of you that you are following the Lord in leading you there. i will promise to pray for you all….

  2. God is going to do GREAT things ….this is just plain and simply awesome to watch! He is so good!

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