Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Decisions, decisions…


When Mo first came to me about feeling led to do mission work in a foreign country, we had something completely different in mind.  He really wanted to open a bed and breakfast for Christians to visit.  He thought that we could use this as a way to witness to others and provide a ‘safe place’ for them to visit.  Thoughts of beautiful palm trees and watching sunsets on the ocean filled my head.  I was sure that Costa Rica NEEDED us. Funny how my plan always looks so different from His plan!

When we met with our pastor and he told us about this opportunity in the DR, it immediately “felt right”.  We went home and talked and prayed about it, and we knew that THIS is what God was calling us toward. This has been a long, patient (yeah, there’s that patience thing again), prayerful journey.  I will have to say that the journey has been an amazing experience for me.  I feel insanely blessed to have been chosen to be part of the journey.

Once we realized that the Dominican was where we were being called, Mo and I immediately started talking about where we would live.  Would it be in the actual village of La Represa or the big city of Santo Domingo?  Mo said all along that he couldn’t live in La Represa because it was so primitive.  I kept telling him that “If God wants us there, he will soften your heart to it”.

We feel that God hasn’t laid out our complete plan yet, and that’s been difficult for a planner like me.  While in prayer in the beginning of this journey, I kept asking God what he wanted from me.  As clearly as if he were sitting in my den, I heard him say “Right now, it’s not you that I want.  It’s him.  Your job right now is just to have a willing heart, and help your daughters have the same”.

For an overachiever like me, this has been one of the most difficult parts of all of this.  I like to DO…I like to know that I have a purpose…that I am of use.  This has also been a time to teach me obedience and servitude.  It is not natural for me to sit in the background.  It is not comfortable for me to allow myself to be led by my husband.  My natural inclination is to control and make a plan.  Right now, my job is to sit back and allow my husband to lead me…to lead our family!  I have been praying for God to take him and mold him into the leader of our family for several years.  First, though, I had to get out of God’s way.  I kept interjecting because I *obviously* think that I know better than God!  Geez, I am thankful that God is so patience with me!

Mo has been in the DR for almost a week now.  He has been gathering a lot of information for our family, such as schools and places to live.  We have had some really tough conversations this week and have a lot of life changing decisions to make in the next few months.

All along, I thought our move would look like this:

Santo Domingo

Maybe it is going to look like this?:

La Represa

There is so much that I want to share right now but it will have to wait until tomorrow!  Thank you if you are still reading this.  I promise to share the rest tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

  1. I wish you and Mo the very best on your new venture. You two were such good friends to my parents and me in a time I needed you the most. Even though we have drifted apart in the past few years, I only hold the best of memories of you both. God bless you on your quest.

  2. While is our path is so different, our stories are so much the same. Just stepping aside and allowing our husbands to lead as God intended can be such a difficult thing, but so necessary if God is going to lead us afterall. Great post!

  3. Yes, stepping aside…Why is it so hard?

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