Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

What’s the deal?



I have been grateful for the overwhelming response and support from so many people on our upcoming move to the Dominican Republic.  This is such an exciting, scary, amazing, *insert every adjective here* time in our life right now!

It has been interesting to see that most everyone asked the same questions.  I thought that I would try to answer the most often asked questions.  Hopefully, this will show you “where we are” with this whole move.

I have been reading numerous blogs of missionaries that are serving in many different countries.  What I am not finding is what happened BEFORE they moved.  I am hoping that my blog can help others, in the future, that are moving their lives to another country.  After speaking with other missionaries, I get the impression these questions are typical.

1) WHY are we moving?  

Truthfully, my husband feels that God has been tugging at his heart for mission work in a foreign country for about a year.  He really felt a strong pull when he went on another mission trip to the DR in March.  At this time, we will be helping our church grow their mission work in the DR.  Mo will originally help oversee the building of a large missionary quarters.  Then, hopefully, we will be part of growing and expanding our mission work throughout the country.

2) Where will we live?

We don’t know exactly where we will live and won’t know until around November probably.  We do know that, for now, we will live in Santo Domingo.

3) When are we moving?

Our plan is to move after Christmas/first of 2013.

4) Will we be safe?

As with any place we live, there are definitely areas that are safer than others.  Mo is a good husband and father, and THIS is his #1 concern.  We have a few connections of people who are already living there.  They know the area and are going to help direct us to the safest areas.

The way I see it, we could get robbed or hurt right here in TN.  Home invasion and robbery are on the rise.  We can’t live with the fear that these things could happen.  That would be like not driving a car because you might get into an accident. We will be responsible and move to a safe area.  I have to trust that God will protect us, and realize that I have no control over what “might happen”.

5)  Where will the girls go to school?

We have begun the process of looking at schools.  We are leaning toward an international school.  It is important to us that they attend a school that speaks 50% English and 50% Spanish.  We want to immerse the girls in the culture as much as possible so that they can begin to make friends.

6) What do the girls think?

This is the funniest one!  They are 11 and 13 year old girls.  What do you think they think?  We are ruining their lives! *insert dramatic swoon* LOL!  They went on the mission trip in July and absolutely fell in love with the people.  They loved their laid back, low stress approach to life.  The area is still very scary to them because it doesn’t look or smell (their words) like the US.  It will take adjusting for all of us.

7) What are you going to do about your house?

We are planning on selling EVERYTHING!  Yup, everything!  All of this is just “stuff”!  We don’t want to have to worry about “stuff” in the US while we are miles and miles away.  We feel that that stress would distract us to what our purpose is over there.  Hopefully, we will be having a benefit auction so PLEASE…come buy our stuff!

8) How will you live (financially)?

At first, we will be primarily self-supported.  That is why we need you guys to come buy our stuff! ;O)  We are looking at various ways to help fund our missions.  More to come on that very soon!

*These last two are difficult for me and I almost left this out but think it’s important for me to respond to them

9) Are you crazy?

No, we are not crazy.  I respect the fact that many cannot understand why we are doing what we are doing.  A few years ago, I wouldn’t have understood either.  We truly feel that God is calling us for His purpose, even if it is still not clearly defined.  Even if you do not understand, please be kind!  There may be things in your life that you feel very strongly about or things that you like to do that I do not understand.  That doesn’t give me a right to call you crazy. I am just asking for the same respect in return.

10) What are you going to do with the girls?/ Are the girls going?/If you want to leave the girls with me, you can

Ok, this is a hard one for me.  You see, God is calling OUR FAMILY to go to the DR.  Would you move to another country and leave your kids with someone?  Probably not, and neither would I.  Yes, the girls are moving with us.  No, I don’t need you to keep them here in the states for me.

What many don’t understand is when you say this, I hear “You are messing up your kids and I can raise them better than you”.  You see, God gave us these 2 beautiful, talented, smart, and kind children!  HE chose US to be their parents.  HE equipped us to parent them.  When He called us to do this wonderfully, amazing, VERY BIG THING, He called our girls too!  He has something incredible to show us…to teach us…to mold us.  Why He chose us, I will never know.  He’s crazy good that way! I will be forever ever grateful that we have been given this opportunity…and that we are able to offer it to our children.

Don’t get me wrong…the girls are less than thrilled with this “opportunity”!  But it’s only because they can’t see what we see…What He sees! They will…someday!

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for the support that we are getting from so many of you!  Many of you ask if there is anything that you can do for us. Yes, pray!  This is an incredibly emotional and stressful time as we are selling everything and trying to prepare for the move.  Pray for patience, guidance, discernment, strength, and understanding right now!  Thank you!

2 thoughts on “What’s the deal?

  1. Oh my goodness! As you probably have figured out by now, I TRULY am not a face-booker! However, the once every 6 months in my busy life with my amazingly wonderful daughters, son-in-law, etc, etc………. an oh lets not forget the best husband in the world 🙂 – I do look up and read about the life of my true friends. WOW – I must say sweet girl, this is a biggie! And no – I won’t ask all of the questions everyone has ask of your and Mo. And Yes – I believe the supreme being picks “families” for her/his tasks. Just as our family was picked for the world of special needs, (and believe me we are in deep – all the way around,) If you feel that strongly than I support you and Mo and think what an amazing thing you are giving to your children. (Even though they don’t see it that way currently!) Please know you have “family” in Virginia and we support you and love those kids! Who knows, maybe they will want to further their education in the states at VCU or UofR!!! 🙂 Love to all …………….. Leslie

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