Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

We are moving to the DR!

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God works in mysterious ways!  About a year ago, Mo went on his 3rd mission trip to the DR.  He came home saying that he wished he could do mission work full-time.  Yeah, ok…and life went on!

In March, he went again.  While there, he called me to tell me that he really felt that God was calling him to mission work in a foreign country.  This time, I knew that it was more than a “wouldn’t it be cool if we could do this?”.  We immediately opened up dialogue with our girls about this.  To say that they were less than enthused would be an understatement.  Actually, I think one of the comments throughout the months has been “You are ruining my life!”  Oh the life with preteens!

At the time, we didn’t really know what God was asking of us.  I, personally, started fantasizing about moving to Costa Rica or Peru or some other place with beautiful beaches.  I mean, surely God wanted us to be near the ocean, right?  Mo’s dream is to open a bed and breakfast for surfers.  We could combine our dream with God’s calling…then it would be a win-win for everyone, right?!

So, we prayed.  We asked Him to use us…to open the doors that needed to be open…close the doors that needed to be closed…and give us discernment between the two.  We met with our pastor and he discussed plans the church had to expand our mission work in the DR.  Could this possibly be a door opening?

The best way to describe where we were at that point is:  God asked us to come to an open field, so we did.  There was nothing there at all.  Then slowly over the past few months, He would walk out, lay a paver down, and we would step on it and wait.  Sometimes, the waiting was the worst part.  Patience is not my virtue…but, through His power, slowly I am learning patience…very slowly!

The latest paver was our mission trip.  Some of you knew how important this mission trip was for my family.  It truly was the final deciding factor for us.  Could we do it?  Could the girls do it?  I had been asking many of you to pray that God captured my daughters’ hearts for the people of the DR…and that He calmed their nerves about this move.  After our trip, I can honestly say that He did both of these things!  He is good that way…and all of your prayers were heard.

We had a meeting with Pastor Doug today.  My heart is overflowing with the love of this community and what our church and other non-profit organizations want to do for them!  Mo and I are so excited to be part of the future mission plans for the DR.  Our actual title/purpose is not clearly laid out at this point.  We know that over the next few years that a huge growth will be taking place throughout the DR in regards to mission work…and somehow, WE get to be a part of that!

After being there last week, I was amazed at all that has been done to help an impoverished area flourish!  From helping start a tilapia farm…to working on a water purification center…to building a school and finding people to sponsor children so they are able to get an education…to rebuilding a home for a family after it burned down, ALL of these things were done in HIS name and through Him!  The father of the family whose house burned down accepted Christ while we were there!  How is it possible that WE get to be a part of this?

Humbled to say the least!  Excited to see what this next season of our life will bring.  Just thought I would let everyone in on this wonderfully, exciting, really BIG THING!  Please pray for us! Thanks!!!

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