Following our calling to the Dominican Republic

Twas the night before the mission trip!

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It’s here!  It’s FINALLY here!  We have been waiting for this day since God first starting calling our family to do this BIG THING!

I have had so many crazy emotions going on this week.  Fear, excitement, confusion, excitement…  I could probably go on and on because it changes by the hour…sometimes the minute.

Few people know exactly what this mission trip means for our family.  This is the opportunity for the girls and I to see WHERE God is calling us…for us to see WHY he is calling us THERE!  When we first started talking to Pastor Brady and Pastor Doug about going to the DR, they both said “We want Tamara and the girls to go there first…before you make the final commitment”.  I have to believe if God has taken us this far into this journey, that He will open our eyes and hearts for the people of the Dominican…for the work that is trying to be accomplished there.

I have had moments of fear this week.  All along, I have said that this is the week that I need God to soften the girls’ hearts to this move.  What I have realized is that I am concerned that it is going to create fear inside of me!  Fear that I may begin to believe that I “can’t do this”.  I know that God is calling us to this place.  I know that the cost of saying “no” is far greater than saying “yes”….

I am also excited because I will be seeing the place that we will be calling home for a year…or so.  Also, tomorrow is my birthday so I will get to celebrate it in the DR…how cool is that?!

Please pray for us this week.  Please pray for our team as we go into the community that God speaks through us…that we touch hearts and lives and open eyes to our wonderful and faithful God.

Please pray that the girls and I embrace the community…the people…and what God is calling us to do!

If you are reading this the night before our mission trip, then THANK YOU!  You are one of the small group of people that we have trusted with this “secret” because we know that you are supporting us on this BIG THING!  If…WHEN all goes well on this trip, we will be publicly announcing our plans.  It kinda makes me sad that our little group will no longer be little.  However, I know that we chose the perfect people to walk this crazy path with us!  You guys have been so supportive and encouraging! Love to you all!!!

One thought on “Twas the night before the mission trip!

  1. anxious to hear how it’s going. hope your b’day was amazing in a brand new way! praying for you and the girls! xo

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